Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vitamin D-are you getting enough?

Ever since Jac went in for the hormone testing and found out she was chronically low in Vitamin D, it's been on my mind.
Vitamin D is really a hormone, not strictly a vitamin, and our best source is sunlight! But the hot topic of Vitamin D is that we seem to have a widespread deficiency!

What's so important about vitamin D? Vitamin D is what they call a 'precursor' hormone-meaning it is needed as a building block and used by most of our vital organs. The body uses Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth, but a deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to OBESITY! Whoa! We've been wondering about the weight connection and what we've been missing-maybe this is it!

You can get Vitamin D from food-fatty fish like salmon, sardines, eggs YOLKS, organic milk, dairy, liver.

Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms are muscle pain, weak bones, low energy and fatigue, lowered immunity, depression, mood swings, sleep irregularities, anxiety, irritability, and inability to lose weight. We've been talking about most of these feelings-could it be we are low in Vitamin D? Well, that's exactly what Jac found out when she went to the Doc for her tests.

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