Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've been saying outloud for days now, "I need to get some Turmeric" but I couldn't figure out why. It's not a spice that I routinely use; in fact I wasn't quite sure what it was. All I knew was that it was in my head...that word...Turmeric.

So tonight I decided to look it up. What is the big deal about Turmeric, I wondered? Why was that word not going to let me alone?

Wel Turmeric seems to BE a big deal. Turns out there is a lot of research going on. The Native Americans know it by HALDI. It's good for just about everything but, in particular, the blood and the LIVER! Remember my telling you last night about that stone in my mesa that I've been having a love / hate with? My "liver" stone? Well maybe I should rename it TUMERIC

Turmeric increases bile, panreatic and gastric juices. So if that's the case-it definitely is assiting in right digestion in the intestinal tract. It's good for TB, (lungs), and bronchitis, and then it's good for the LIVER, and for lymphomas. It's anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic, an anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial, and it's a diuretic. Hmmmm

Who would have thought?

Early Morning Thoughts

I know Joy said the raw thang ain't about losing weight but I was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner for the guys and wondering if I could not eat any of it. My beliefs about food started popping up all over the place. I have worked on the weight issue-not to exaggerate-a million times and here was a fat belief just bubbling around in my head. It was that in past lives rich people were FAT. I could only be wealthy if I was fat. You can imagine how fast I shifted that puppy! Holy cow and happy paths, Romedy

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So, I found organic produce at TARGETS. Expensive I would say! Berries were more than at WIld Oats! AND those numbers-it's true!

Ah but not when I got to Costco. I saw digits starting with 4,3,6,5,8,9 all over the board. I couldn't tell. They had big bags of ORGANIC apples-not because of the number but because of the big ORGANIC letters stamped on the bag. Ok. I bought them.
They had tubs of cut up pineapple-started with an 8. Does that really mean genetically altered? Could be. If I had had more time I would have asked, really. I want to know!

I bought some beautiful dark purple grapes for the flavonoids. Oh they looked SO good.Um. Didn't taste good. NOT because they weren't sweet, but I couldnt' get the taste of the pesticides out of my mouth! They literally had this acidic, acrid taste that made my mouth squirm as it bit in. What a damn shame!!! And they DID start with a 4.

Rebecca, great DVD thanks. It says everything I've been saying! It is all about marketing us into getting fatter and sicker for the good of the American economy. AND I found out something else. Remember when I was saying I couldn't figure out why it was good business to advertise an anti nausea cancer med in a mainstream women's mag? Well-get this. It's so that we can be "smart shoppers" and self advocate. hah! So if a drug is BAD, and the doctor knows it, but the patient wants it-without doing any more research than that double spread add in Redbook-wham. Good marketing! :) Product recognition-what every brand name wants. So-brand name cancer. Dangerous medicine girls. Dangerous medicine.

Bad medicine, but good marketing. Man...we are so stupid!

Monday, January 29, 2007


from Ann Wigmore Institute Kitchen.
Mary Forest Finnell, ND,. MH, LMT,

2 cups soft wheat berries

1.Soak in purified water 8 hrs or overnight.
2.Drain, rinse, then allow to sprout for 2 days, without rinsing.
3. When white sprout tails begin to show, add 6 cups purified
water, cover jar with cheesecloth, put in a warm place
where it can be exposed to at least 70 degree temp for
2 days.
4. THEN pour off, drink or refrigerate or use "rejuvelac" in a recipe.
5. The leftover seeds can be used one more time, with 4c. purified water, will culture in 1 day. Then seeds can be composted, or thrown to birds.

do not drink soak water. Seeds Must sprout.

This is the drink that is supposed to completely replenish the flora in your intestinal tract. It's the famous Ann Wigmore recipe. From what I have read-it's not that tasty! Ok, I'm done. Good night!


Ok so here's another one. Jeez, I thought I wasn't even gonna post tonight! What is up! I told you-I've got almost TOO much energy! It disturbs my usual tranquility!

Anyway-alot of juice freaks say NOT to mix fruit and veges except apples and carrots of course. They seem to go with everything. But is this a real rule that works for you? OR is it one of those that we add to the list of "OLD RULES WE ARE BURNING ALONG WITH OUR BRAS".

In GREEN FOR LIFE, which is a raw book by Victoria Boutentko, she has green smoothies, and she mixes fruit and veges!

Here are some of her combinations:
a banana, half an apple, a cup of blueberries (frozen or fresh), a large handful of spinach, and some plain yogurt.
a cup of mango, half a peeled cucumber, ginger, and yogurt.
a banana, blueberries, 4-6 kale leaves, an orange, and some yogurt.
a banana, half a pear, some cranberries, half an orange, a stalk of celergy, 4-6 romaine lettuce leaves

she adds water to these.

Anyone care to try and let us know? I'm not so sure about the banana with kale...but hey! It's sounds colorful for sure! Hey Jac, how about drinking this in front of the kiddies.

I would bet you can get away without the yogurt. I add some ice cubes to make it thicker. They also use some water if it is too thick in the blender.


I was buying produce and thinking I was getting organic. Do you think that because the sign says "organic" that that means it's organic?
Oh well maybe not!

Take a look at those annoying little produce stickers. If the number on the sticker starts with a "4" it isn't organic, it's conventional, which means pesticides, and it will be a 4 digit number too. 4/4. They will also start using the start number of "3" as they've used up all the 4s.

Organic means they use natural pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and fertilizers, will have a five digit number that starts with a "9". 9/5

Genetically engineered produce is a 5 digit number beginning with an "8". 8/5

Small farmers that do less than $5,000 a year don't have to label their produce, BUT grocers won't accept it anymore without labels, and it's an expensive process for the small farmer to get that category, even it they are using organic farm methods. So! Support the local farmer's markets come summer!

Ok, now if a label says "100% organic" it has to use ALL organic ingredients. That makes sense doesn't it. Sure.
But! If the label just says "organic" or "made with organic ingredients" it can be as little as 70% organic.

And BTW-natural does not mean organic. There is no regulation on the label "natural" at all! Why should we be paying more for organic? Well, less pesticides for one. And taste for another. You really CAN taste the difference. And I hate waxed fruits and cucumbers. I wish they wouldn't DO that!

On the other hand, let's not be stupid. I watched a video on YOU TUBE that was of some conartists selling "organic" sausages which of course weren't. We are trusting that the product IS what it says it is. hmmmm. Trust. Well there we go again. That's a huge piece. I mean, isn't this all about getting BACK into trusting ourselves...ok then!


Ok girls, add any that are coming up for you. Listen to those whiney little voices of discouragement. Mine is usually one of procrastination until oops, the day is over! "I'll start tomorrow."

Liver Cleanse

Ok, day 5 of the liver cleanse and I am jumping out of my skin! i can hear Bonnie saying..."Yep...anger pills!" It's like PMS! It feels irrational, and edgy. I normally would eat something to get away from this feeling! Instead, I am riding it. Oh so much more adult to let myself feel it, and not be afraid of the feeling! T came home and I warned him-like in the old PMS days. "Stand back, I'm just feeling edgy budd...." He calmly looked at me and said "Oh? So what's new?" Not a good time to joke with a woman with new sharp knives at her fingertips. I smiled. I meant to smile. I think I covered my eyes witih my hands and took deep breaths. i was smiling behind my hands. Well, ok, maybe not. But! Once I admitted how I felt, it was better!

I got out the salad stuff, started to hum, made green juice for him-he took a few sips and passed it to me. YUM! Ok then!

Warning-I found a lovely bottle of Brianna's natural salad dressings when I was foraging for food in my fridge! There it was, poppyseed dressing. I thought "what a great idea! I need a new taste treat!" It was really thick though so I added red wine vinegar and some water and diluted it by half, and shook it up and then had it on my salad with fresh lemon. I am enjoying it, lapping it up, I mean it was so good! I suddenly realize that the reason it tasted SO good was it was quite sweet. Hey! I grab the bottle and say to T, "this tastes good, but has got to have sugar in it..." Oh yea! The second ingredient is sugar! Do you know what that means in terms of the ratio per serving? WOW! See, it's exactly those sneaky things that fool us when we think we are eating healthy. Adding sugar to a salad dressing??? I usually make my own salad dressings, but I wanted a taste difference. Whoa baby! Live and learn. No more Brianna's.

On the other hand, a good workout would probably help here...hmmmm

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Oh Jac I here you!
I had the best dinner tonight! I boiled a big sweet potato until it was really soft. The dark red ones. The skin just peeled off when it was done. Soft. It looked so good! I gotta say, this is not tasty raw.
Anyway, it was soft enough that I mashed it with my fork. I stirred in 2 tbs of UDOS oil, and then raisins, ginger, onion, s&p and fresh parsley. I cut up some avocado, and some mango and wowie! I was in heaven! The UDOS though-yum. I was going to drink the oil, and then this little voice said "give it to me..." ok! :) Tony had marinated some mushrooms too and I was thnking of Pam-I added some to my medly and it was so good! :) Such color, such texture, such divine combinations. Oh and some pine nuts. It was a feast I tell ya!


It's not about good day or bad day. It's about noticing how you feel and coming back to center. None of this is about perfection!
It's about opening up to the center of you, and feeling it all the way in and out again! Like great big deep breaths that we take with our eyes closed and tasting the air.

This is all about the quality of our lives! I am so so so impressed and delighted and excited about all of us! It's been a great ride! It's about waking up. It's about feeling alive.

I was thinking why can't we approach the exercise the same way we did the raw? Do it from the process rather than the procedure. I mean, we got into this raw food thing from the process of it. The colors, the flavors, the textures, the combinations, the feelings, the artistry of the plates. We jumped over the standard rules. We jumped over the limitations and boxes of weigh, measure, portion, combine.

So, what are the restrictions around exercising and moving that we are balking at?
What are those gremlin voices saying about moving?
Can you hear them whispering? Yep. They are different whiney baby gremlins.
What are the "you can't make mes?"
What are the "I will when I'm good and readys?"
What are the voices of anger, or pain that are hiding under staying still?

It's exactly the same as the food.
We really like eating well. Ok. We know we really feel better when we move. So. Same same. Why aren't we? Same same.

We need to reframe exercise the same way we did food.
So, here's my idea.
We have to make it all about the joy of moving. No pun intended. Walking in the sunlight, and tasting the air (ok not down there-it tasted like chlorine yesterday-what is THAT about???)

Wonderful music that makes us want to sway...and dance! A walk around the block with the dog and your camera. A dog's walk-meaning smell the flowers, enjoy the sites. Go to the park and watch kids!! They love it. Let's schedule some hikes or a photographic trip to the desert for the day. Or a weekend in MOAB. Anyone up for that? We could go this time of year and get 2 rooms that adjoin and have a girl trip.

Remember, the myths. What are the movement myths in your childhood-life? I hated PE class. I found it embarassing and judgmental. I never seemed to be fit enough even when I ran track and swam swim team. I always was critical of my body, my thighs.

I put that study on the lightlinxx blog earlier. They've now decided that normal daily MOVING is enough. It doesn't have to be miles of cross training. It's about moving ourselves in our daily lives. That means to me...moving with INTENT. Moving with MINDFULNESS. Moving with LOVE FOR MOVING. So for 30 days, can we do moving with intent and moving with love, and moving with mindfulness? Shamanic walks in nature to collect beautiful things. And shamanic walks in nature to commune. It's not about attacking movement like it's a task to be added to our list of things I have to do! I think the "I have go move more" is exactly what is pushing our butons-unconsciously of course.

Wow! That took me a long time to get this one. We almost missed it. It's about LOVING MOVING IN OUR BODIES AGAIN>not having to move our bodies. hah! We are feeling lighter! We are feeling like dancing. Let's dance! I want to sign up for a belly dancing class! Anyone else?

What is the body of moving? What is the emotion of moving? What are the beliefs around moving. What is the spirit of moving?

Long deep breaths. And mindful moving. Hmmmmm
That's already reframing it TOTALLY for me. Anyone else?


Making wheatgrass juice at home is easy with that little machine! I bought the MIRACLE MJ550 at $169, and they had it on the shelf at Good Earth in Sandy or I probably would have waited a bit longer. I'm impulsive that way.

Tip: put the wheatgrass pulp back through for another chew. It's easy because the pulp comes out the end as it is an extruder! It seemed to be darker than in the store. It definitely was stronger, but way sweet. I loveit. The store probably doesn't send it through twice. There are only a few parts to clean, it unscrews easy, so simple. And not to terribly big either. I like all those things.

As to the wheatgrass:
if you check, they claim it cures just about everything. I found lists of 40 or more items it is good for.
It's 70% chlorophyll, and it mimics our red blood in composition which means our body can easily assimilate it with no effort. It's good for ANY blood issue, heart issue, and thyroid. Yeah!
It balances blood sugars, raises red blood cell counts, oxygenates,
It is good for anemia YEAH again!
and it is good for all skin ailments too including using it topically. There was even a site that said it would heal scars if taken for 7-8 mns.
Use it for any tooth or gum issue, any mouth issue, or throat.
Of course, the colon and stomach,
but also for uterine issues,
pancreas and liver issues,
removes heavy metals,
clears up diabetes and arthritis to name a few!
Also, skin stuff-like sunburns, itching, and insect bites, boils, tumors, rashes.
It stimulates the metabolism-which is probably why it figures in with the thyroid. Is that enough???

Well Jac, it speeds skin grafting, and healings to do with the skin-I would have your sister take wheatgrass shots to the hospital for your nephew. We did that with a friend who smashed her face in a car accident-and she healed beautifully with no scaring. She went face first into the steering wheel (before airbags) and had to have her cheekbones rebuilt and her nose had been crushed. Beautiful unbelievable recovery.

And Pam, for your son too! It's so good at boosting the body for rapid healing.

What I like is it contains more light energy than any other element. And get this-15 pounds of wheatgrass is equal to 350 pounds of carrots, lettuce, celery etc. Hmmm. That's why little shots at a time. It's potent stuff!

Take 1 oz at a time, space it if you want to take more, (Rebecca that's good for us to know NOW!) and take it on an empty stomach, wait 30 min before eating. Chew it and really swirl it around your teeth-it also is supposed to tighten your gums.

Ann Wigmore really is who made wheatgrass famous, including the wheatgrass implants. Her story in a very short version is that at 55 or so she had a bad car accident and gangrene set in in her legs. The doctors wanted to amputate. Instead she healed herself with wheatgrass and dandelion greens and a raw diet. She founded the Hippocrates Institute (her hair went from gray to brown again) and she died in a housefire at 91, otherwise healthy after healing people from all sorts of things for like 40 years or so. Good healer, bad electrician. Despite conspiracy theories, they say it was accidental. The Ann Wigmore foundation is alive and well in New Mexico! You can do a 10 day retreat for $1500. including your room and all the wheatgrass shots you can handle!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


0. I am too far away to play
0. I can't have fun with this, I have to work at it
0. I don't really want to go raw, I just want to lose some weight
0. I don't want to love my food, I just want to lose weight
0. I don't want to think this much about food
0. I dont' really want to love myself, I just want to lose weight
0. I have to do this by myself
0. I have to work harder than everyone else
0. I just can't go without my coffee in the morning
0. I will starve
0. I won't be able to get enough protein
0. I won't eat enough
0. I won't get enough calcium without cheese
0. I'll catch them the next time, the next group
0. I'll eat too much
0. I'll never be able to get off of sugar
0. I'm going to be bored
0. I'm going to be hungry and bored with just salad
0. I'm going to get anemic without meat and eggs
0. I'm going to get blocked up
0. I'm going to get sick
0. I'm going to miss warm food
0. I'm going to screw this up too
0. I'm not feeling the same as them, so I must be doing it wrong
0. I'm starting late, now i will never catch up
0. I'm sure this will be hard for me
0. I'm too busy to do this now
0. I'm too tired to do this now
0. If I cut my calories too quickly, my body will go into starvation mode
0. It's going to be too expensive
0. It's going to take too much time
0. It's too cold to do this now
0. It's too much work to do this now
0. My goals are completely different than theirs
0. They are too far ahead of me, I should just stop
0. They've left me behind
0. This will be easy for everyone else and not me
0. This will take a long time for me to see any results because I've been so bad to my body for so long
This won't be easy for me

58 days or so.

I have to say that in some ways the second month was harder, and also not. Like Pam I noticed ups and downs. More this month though. I felt more cravings at odd times, which I tracked to intestinal food memories that were cycling up and out. But! Knowing the parasites and fungus and bacterias are living organisms that want to continue their own life, the "voices" of the cravings are also them. I have added more raw green juices, and eating less fruits so maybe the change in sugars is contributing to the cravings and hunger. I started adding fruit yesterday and it was easier. I have to remember to drink water.

In this second month I felt more hunger! I would wake up hungry! Growling hungry! I take that as a positive sign that my body is signaling.

I feel more desire to cleanse now which I didn't before. I've been doing the ionic footbaths every other day, and they've been nasty black most times which is good, but I wanted more. I mentioned I ordered the colonix, and I started the bluepurum 3 days ago, which is an herbal liver cleanse. This is simple to add to a routine, and gentle on your system. 2 pills am and pm. It definitely is disturbing my system, but with being on the raw foods I'm a bit edgy, but nothing like other times I have used it before. Bonnie calls them her "anger pills". I've had the bluepurum all along but had no desire to do it until this week.

I told Jac that the other night after the class at the U I came out and wanted french fries ALOT! I paced myself to home, promising myself exit by exit if I still wanted them-and I did, but when I got in the driveway it was completely GONE! I didn't really want them-it was a memory. Some sort of reward loop that got triggered.

I've also noticed I WANT to move, and I unconsiously distracting myself from it. Well that fits my childhood program of going STILL to survive, so with the bloating and the retaining and the going still, something is up inside. I did do some tracking in my mesa yesterday, and last night had some disturbing dreams (the liver cleanse no doubt) but so far she hasn't been out enough to grab her! Or is that another distraction! :)

For the most part, this is still the easiest thing I have ever done, and with the least force of will on my part. I still am intrigued with the combinations and recipes. I wouldn't have bothered with the dehydrator early one, and would have invested in the wheat grass juicer instead if I had it to do over again because my juicer is really good but doesn't do wheat grass.

I'm in for another month! I do want to add more movement and clear my stop programs this go around and I think I'm going to add the tanning beds for Vit D. Winter sunlight doesn't get us to produce it, though it feels good. I like to get that light on my SKIN. So those are my goals! Next?

CatherineAnn raw day 26

I made the best smoothie this morning for myself and the kids. I had been soaking the almonds for several days. I found they lose the twang I'm not crazy about after three days of soaking in the fridge. I am weaning the kids from dairy and slowing down the soy milk. I put in fresh orange juice to the almond milk and banana, clementine, mango, pineapple. YUM! Before raw I couldn't have smoothies because they messed up my blood sugar. Now I follow them up with some veggies and I am good to go. Calla's nose is dry for the first time since September.

I think some of the movement for me is the bad air. I took the kids to the Childrens Museum Thursday and I was shocked when I got down in the valley. Who wants to breath that? Normally though I love the eliptical at the gym. It is easy on the knees and body and I can get a good workout in in 30-40 minutes. I started a year ago at 10 minutes and have worked up. My body yells at me if I don't move. It's a must for me and after a year I really miss it if I don't go. I lost my racquetball partner when Joel (my niece) moved away if anyone is interested in playing once a week or everyother week on a weeknight. Three can play too and it only costs two dollars a time and I can reserve a court. Any level or a beginner is fine. The swimming feels wonderful and I haven't been for a while because all of a sudden I didn't want to bare my massive thighs. Haven't figured out why the change but I will get back in the pool soon because I love doing the breast stroke!

Joy cudos to you for braving the cleanse first!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Recipes Sauerkraut

(Use big Mason Jar or similar but one that will be a close fill to top also one that will allow you to put a weight partially in it i use another smaller mason jar filled with water)
quarter cut cabbage cut out heart on all four pieces (save a couple leaves to cover on top)
shred cabbage on v-slicer or mandolin put in mixing bowl
add celtic sea salt
and literally squeeze it like crazy! the idea is to get your hands in it and
beat it up a bit to break the cell walls! SQUEEZE HARD!!!!!!!
you can add some dill here or anything else you want --- ive added sliced apples!
when you have a lot of juice (enough to cover or partially cover cabbage in jar) fill jar press down with each handfull --
cover with leaves and put weight on top-
cover all with a thin towel (and on something in case spillage it bubbles! its alive!!!)
put in a warm spot and let it sit for a few days you can taste when its ready - cabbage is soft and it has a sour taste---

you may need to skim top when ready and remove some leaves dont worry though its all good bacteria!!!!!! (natural probiotics!)

and dont get discouraged some batches are better than others some just dont work so well---experiment

great to add to wraps or eat plain!

naturally fermented veggies so GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they also sell naturally fermented veggies in refrigerator cases ---NO VINEGAR
try BUBBIES sauerkraut its really good!----
they make great pickles too!!!!!!!

Recipes Root Vegie and Miso Salad

Root Veggie and Miso Salad
(there are mixed views on miso but sometimes i add it in to dressings etc)
using Rebecca's v-slicer or a mandolin thin slice up a few beets, parsnips, carrots - anything you want these are my favorites for this...

on side mix 1/2-tablespoon of miso (you can use miso master or something-river? i forget the exact name but do use organic naturally fermented)
fresh squeezed lime juice
some water to thin
test taste at this point and adjust

add chopped scallions stir
pour dressing over root veggies mix - you can refrigerate for a little

Recipes from NY as promised Herbed Cheese Spread

Herbed Cheese Spread:
3/4 cups (3-4 servings)

1/2 C Almond Cheese
1 Tbs chopped pine nuts
1Tbs finely minced red onion
1/2 Tbs parsley chopped
1 tsp light mellow miso
1tsp fresh dill minced
1/2 tsp green onion minced
1/2 tsp crushed garlic
1/2 tsp nutritional yeast, (optional)
pinch pepper

combine all -mix -store in airtight container for up to 4 days

ITS SO delicious! You can experiment with any seasoning

ps nutritional yeast is good bacteria does not promote candida and is a good source of b-12 Red Star is a good brand (some are not sources of b vitamins)...also it adds cheesy taste to anything.


Ok Jac,

we were talking about this so I think we should pose it to everyone. WHY are we not moving more? We feel good. We feel lighter.
We feel happy. Why can't we seem to just go out the door for a walk? Go to that YOGA class, put that tape in and move? I get that it is another level of survival prgramming-including my "bloating" too! The holding of water-the holding on.

Stands to reason I should also be moving more and everything in me wants to sit. WHY??? It doesn't even make sense because I actually have MORE energy.

Time to grow up the little girl that has to stay still, not wiggle, be good, stay in the house, not make a mess, not play too loud, too much, not climb trees, not show her underpants when she swings on the monkey bars...oh yeah...that little wild girl got stifled and it all had to do with MOVING! NOT to mention being tied down.

SO perhaps for the group we move into exploring MOVEMENT and NOT MOVING for the next 30 days in addition to the rawish?
Find our children that are in a duck and cover, or wanting to run (the opposite program)? It's in the bones and muscles.

Dr Natura #1 Colon cleanser

I just added a link on the side about toxin and colon cleanses. I will let you know how it goes. I just ordered it.
I am holding alot of fluids in my body right now and I am at the point where I can feel a fight. I need to flush toxins.

Ok Lauren, I agree, colonics will do it. I'm not into it. Their colon cleanse protocol is less than the cost of one colonic and
if you read the testimonials...and see the pictures of what people are passing...ew. But short of a trip to Peru I'm trying this.
It will be here Wed, so I will let you know how it goes. DESPITE what they say, I only bought one month's worth.


They have COLONIX and TOXINOUT I bought COLONIX to start. Hey! Take a look at the pictures!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Opening the Labrynth this summer

Hey guys! Look what I found on my camera! Remember this? This was the opening of the Labrynth! It's under 2 foot of snow at the moment...oh for spring.


I copied and pasted this email from Linda into the blog because she wanted it
on the blog, so this is just easiest for the moment. I resent the invitation to her
to join us.


Greetings to Lauren, Joy and all from Linda in Wyoming,

Have signed in. Not exactly proficient yet at navigating this, so we
shall see!

Giggles this morning when I read your e-mail Lauren. As for me...the
transition from the safety of the Joy's nest back to the hinterlands
has been curious. We made it back here Monday late afternoon, driving
through ground blizzards and ice, and unpacked the two cars in -6
weather. DISGUSTING! But more on that was absolutely
perfect. Some decisions can come sliding in softly.

Managed to pull together a birthday dinner for Roger that night. He's
hit the big 58 first; me in April. There are a lot of us "49'ers"
working our way through our second Saturn return. More on that later.

Next day his breathing was labored; still wanted to wait for me to work
on him. Doc said "bronchitis". My muscles and bones were talking
dirty to me. I spent that day (Tuesday) in bed under heating blanket.
Couldn't get warm. Roger then said "would you work on me now". Slept,
and watched images weave their magic around me, in no particular order:

"Ants on a log, transitions, butterflys, lady bugs on a stick, passion
pillows, Chiron piece be...psychedlic flowers, green whip snakes, sleep
walking...raw foods, class with Omar, emptyness of Wild Oats without
Joy and Laurwen. Followed body talk to complete surrender.

Wednesday, back in bed. Asked, viewed, watched, and saw puzzle pieces
come into being. How very simple, how very clear, and how very FUN!
Mooon in Aries...laughed at myself...and THIS is a dynamo! Hah!
Christmas tree still up in the kitchen. Roger very content to have me
dreaming our future. I feel as though I'm sitting on a giant nest of
multi colored eggs from a kaleidoscope of birds. Up by 2:00 to
continue unpacking. Realize I haven't showered in three days when I
can't find my toothbrush. My hatchlings are fine, I reek!

Thursday, up at normal 5:00ish time. Visit with Roger about
conclusions and dream weavings. He concurs.

Conclusion? I was drowning before the IA class, filled with fears.
Stepped into knowing about class. It was astounding. Ready now to go
raw. The week I did was easy, filling, and joy-full. Especially after
I stepped the pace back, eliminating doing the liver cleanse at the
same time. What I faced was enough. So now, integrate with Wyoming,
and step into the stream.

Transition? Huge piece for me. Have followed my body's message (thank
you Joy), and listened. I feel clear, centered, and nurtured. The
work was more than words can describe. I will put fingers to keys to
describe. First things first. Count me in...

Blessings to all...see you soon! Linda

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jason Pollack Artist inside you

This is really cool! Romedy sent this to me, and I am posting it for her.

Jason Pollock art inside you

First thing that shows up is a white page, so move your mouse around and click if from time to time. This is great fun for kids and the kid in US!

Wrong Questions - Missing the Signals

I just sent this to joy in an email and realized i should share it...

ive sort of stopped not hungry and nothing is satisfying me....i eat only because i think if not im starving myself or ill get really weak ...but its really that i dont know what i want to eat and no i wrote what feeds me/ nourishes me on the top of my notes today and im meditating on that....i mean i am hungry sort of but nothing feels juice- greens always work...other than that i dont know....a friend of mine says if your not hungry you just dont eat---and wait and eventually you will something is working out... its sort of a strange belief that if we dont eat we will die or starve...were so used to having to eat or being told to eat that we dont think about what the body so used to just eating because i guess i should or im bored or its 'lunch time' -i actually i just feel like i could drink some clear protein soup...maybe my body is just needing something light now....?

i think if it was warmer out i wouldnt be having such a problem---ITS SO COLD...oh but thats an excuse... i feel too lazy to make something...or eat...but maybe im just not really listening to my body? imagining its some problem when its just saying rest and drink clear soup and greens!!!!! ok thats what im going to do thinking something is wrong when im just missing the signals....duh.....!!!

so the right question is why am i doubting the signals im getting and why do i immediately assume there must be something wrong? I mean I feel just not very hungry? so why am i making something out of nothing?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Very funny story...

Just got off the phone with my mom in South Carolina...shes been renting a house out there to be with my sister and baby and take a break from NYC....She was frantic she had a huge bug infestation last night the dogs had fleas tics or some kind of something --- she was up in the night stripping sheets and freaking out...there were mice under the sink...then she said 'well now i wont be able to stay here i told the woman i should get back to ny because of my job offer etc...'

I said 'mom...if you wanted to leave and come back to NY why didnt you just say you were ready to leave? did you have to call all 12 plagues in to have a reason?' we both started laughing hysterically. I got to give her a teaching of acknowledgment to the critters she had called in thanking them for the lesson and a teaching that she could make choices and say exactly what she wanted without having to call in excuses---or buggies.... we said poor dogs having to suffer with fleas for her lesson....!

She said I could share this story with you guys so we could all have a laugh about the dangers of unclear intentions and not speaking your truth! hahha

Transition back into Raw back to Center...

I woke up this morning feeling a little out of it...I think Im still getting used to being back in NYC-- all of the things I had left here before going to SLC are here and I dont know where they go?--the first things I did was check the blog and reading your post Jacqui really inspired me! Ive been nervous about doing work with people after leaving the comforts and serenity of joys room and SLC and coming back to hustle bustle crazy energy at times NYC.

Yesterday I was a bit of a bad swing everything seemed off I kept saying what am I doing here in NYC I have no one here no real support no one who loves me knows me ... whats the deal??? On the subway in the morning I said just breathe I took some calming breaths and realized I was ok --the subway was going fast the people were neurotic and crazy around me but i was in slow motion real time...i had stayed at a friends so i was carrying my mesas with me....I felt so cool in that moment so protected and strong...Like this silence this beautiful silence was around me and in me and me and I could get it back whenever I wanted. I forgot that the' laws of raw' apply to all---once you feel it you can always get back last night it was cold and again went into a mild funk and I ordered vegan cooked food but I way overate and felt crappy after...but then I said "LAUREN THIS IS JUST ONE MEAL! RELAX!" i took a breath in and out and remembered that tomorrow was just another day and I would wake up and breath in and out again and start over from center....

Reading Rebecca's post also reminded me that we have to be patient as our body is catching up and releasing old beliefs old toxins old programs...and food memory is very strong as a lot of it is still somewhere floating in our intestinal tract! I found myself watching TV last night on the couch for the first time in weeks and I was like why am I doing this? I didnt watch TV in SLC? I was busy and vibrant and working...and again I said SLOW DOWN its ok this is a transition back in....I often forget we hav to be nice and kind to our bodies and thank them for being so sweet to us and let them rest a little when they want...I ended up watching a really funny will and grace and laughed my ass off ! And see that was just what my body needed!

I ended up having a really amazing and long beautiful dream about doing this work with people...I feel like I can do it...I just have to trust and remember why I started all of this! I want to inspire change for myself and others I want to help people find their RAW most wild most feral insides--- and I want to sit in love and laughter with them when they feel it when they see it and when they start to believe and dream and hope again and help them understand its all inside them its all there they have aways known it always were it -- hidden under layers of layer cake and ancient hurts TADDAA--- RAW you!! Im going to my meditation group I havent been to for a while tonight---its called dharma punx ( The guy who started it is amazing---i think his story is here) a bunch of tattooed buddhists who create this beautiful quiet space in the middle of this noisy crazy but beautiful and lively city....Ill keep each of you in my thoughts (and something special for your nephew Jacqui) miss you all!

How do we not have a label LOVE? im putting one up there...

Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok you rappin' fools...we got crazy organic...just for you!
For a change of pace-

Obviously I've gotten NOTHING else done today...


This is raw cuisine at it's finest! Wahoo! Wait 'til next month!


This is something I've been looking for and have told you all about before only this is even better because it isn't
static pictures-this is movie!

we are so small in comparison to what is out there!

Recipes from NYC as promised Almond Cheese

Hey guys! So sad to leave SLC but lucky for you Ive been reunited with my book of raw recipes!
Here goes:

Almond Cheese:
makes 2 cups 6-8 servings

2 cups almonds hot soaked for 5 minutes when skin pops off easily add some cool water and peel away. put them in cold water for 8-12 hours rinse drain and follow below:

in blender (not cuisinart use high powered blender)- blend almonds and 1 or more cups water and 1/4 tsp probiotic powder (or you can use light mellow miso as a starter)

use a pint size strainer (a plastic berry basket works perfectly)
line it with cheese cloth allowing several inches of cloth to hang on sides
set strainer on top of a shallow dish
pour blended nut mixture into strainer fold cheese cloth over top of cheese
place in warm location for 8-12 hours ( less time if warmer weather)

after about 2 hrs fermenting place weight on top of cheese to help press out liquid
(you can use a small mason jar filled with water or seeds)

season as you like and can be fermented to suit your taste
store in sealed container in fridge for up to a week

You can do this with cashews or pine nuts macadamias you can use them unsoaked if you have a high powered blender if not soak for 2 hrs (6 hrs for mac nuts) then rinse drain follow above recipe no cheese cloth required no liquid is released during the fermentation....

you can experiment with different nuts you will taste the difference!

have fun!


Here's an article on walnuts and omegas increasing bone health.

Thought it was interesting in lew of the raw diet!

Meet Your Meat/

WARNING: this is very strong.
Don't watch this if you want to go back to eating meat after 30. I have no idea how I got ahold of this but there you have it. It showed up this morning.
I knew it was bad but this is awful. Truly awful. Now from an energetic standpoint, this fear goes into the food we are eating. Better I stay with portobello burgers when the day comes. But surely this can't be universal?

Meet your Meat

I was just thinking of eating eggs...I am now thinking of getting a chicken! Jini had chickens and a goat on her organic farm in Redwood Valley... Do you think my neighbors would notice?

It strikes me that this is too similar to the lack of feeling exhibited by the Nazi's...
PETA says if we go veg we save 100 animals a year. I'm not sure how, but I know that now I know, I can't do it again. Wow--that greenhouse sure is looking better and better!



This site offers volunteer internships across the country at organic farms, restaurants, nurseries. Great idea! Learn something new in exchange for your help. I like it! There are 5 on the list for Utah.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Three weeks!!!

Wow-today is day 21. That means you have been all rawish for 3 weeks give or take a few days for some of us! My hasn't it gone fast??? Or is that just me? Pam are you out there? How is your homelife doing? What happened after you smashed the snake???

Lauren is back in NY and promises to post recipes so we can be dazzlin' raw cooks.


Talk about color! I'm having a purple day!

Ingredients for purple raw soup
Purple potatoes
Purple onions
Purple cabbage
Fresh beet greens and the beets
garlic and lots of it! About 15 cloves!
2 big ol leeks (minus the outer leaves of the tops
4 carrots
some fresh mushrroms
Throw the whole thing in the food processor then the hot pot and simmer on low for awhile.
Add fresh chopped parsley and cilantro.

Yum! And really colorful! Don't splash though-it stains
Top with some raw sunflower seeds

Tony fixed Jon some portabello mushroom "burgers"...topped it with cheese and A1 and thought he was getting away with something. LOL So the new goal is to fix raw so they don't know! He started it! Jon BTW-liked em and never knew. We had plates of raw veges with the eggless egg salad for lunch. If you haven't tried it, don't be timid with the cayenne. The tofu is pretty bland as a medium to cook with.


0. Be my best friend
0. Have compassion for myself and others
0. Love myself unconditionally
0. Open to the Universe that is waiting for me

0. Call my vitality back to me
0. Choose to live fully
0. Exhale
0. Know what if feels like to run free

0. BE my passion project
0. Be open to receiving
0. Remember the song in my bones
0. Remember the truth of my being

0. Fill every cell of my being with gratitude
0. Let my mind be silent so I can hear my spirit
0. Rejoice in being alive

0. To be honest with myself
0. Truly hear myself and others
0. Truly listen to myself as Source

0. Free others so I free myself
0. Know I deserve it all
Release what needs to be free

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Omega oils

Just thinking out loud here, but do add oils to everything you eat if you aren't! We have been reversed influenced to cut oils. It's the COOKED oils that are bad for us. The cold pressed oils are awesome for our skin and entire systems. I know most of you know this, but I wanted to mention it and encourage you to think OIL.

We need omega 3, 6 and 9s. I love to drizzle olive oil on my avocados when I prepare them. Do indulge in the oils. And experiment. I bought some walnut oil and some grapeseed oil for fun. Add some oil to your smoothies, or just do what Pam is doing and take a spoonful! I am doing UDOS once or twice a day. I find it helps with my skin and focus. It helps the body is countless ways including helping with the Leptin and adiponectin levels which means it will help with bloating and digestion and inflammation.

Oils make things really feel satisfying, and so much more yummy than those old creamy dressings. Experiment! They whip up in the food processor for some great dressings!


Ok ladies,
I added yet another LIST to the's about the NEW RULES for you.
I started with a few of mine and I invite you to add yours. What are you noticing!


I happened on a post where someone said " The zucchini is a totally wasted vegetable with almost no nutritional value at all." I thought that didn't FEEL right, so I took a look.

Did you know that that humble zucchini is a source of omegas 3 and 6? I didn't! It also is pretty good in C. You know what else? It has a whole slew of amino acids in it...this is a great little guy for dipping, dunking and eating raw, and I like them! So, I beg to differ with Mr. Expert-the zucchini is awesome! It is tender, it slices easily, and it lends itself to raw cuisine-like raw spaghetti as we know! And those little yellow zucchini-aren't they great too?

Friday, January 19, 2007


Ok, this is pretty cool. in petrie dishes, this berry from Brazil killed signifigant numbers of leukemic cells! How many is significant? 35-85% Wow!

Click for the acai berry article

And guess what? Grapes, guavas and mangoes have the same effect on cancer cells, they kill em. Color of the Acai berry? Dark purple and the size of a blueberry. Eat more fruits! They are rich in antioxidants. Eat more color! I can' say that enough. That's why this is all about the art on your plate baby! Make it beautiful! Make it sing!

UNIVERSAL TASTE is a Brazilian owned company that returns a percentage of the profits to the rainforest tribes.

Shirlyn's Natural Foods

Here is a painting I did called Feathers of the Dragonfly.....

Here are the addresses to the 3 Shirlyn stores. Now they mostly stock the supplements not really any produce that I have see but they are very knowledgeable. The UDOS I bought I paid 11.95 for a 8.5 oz. bottle which I think at Wild Oats is about 13.95? From what I have seen they seem to promote Raw.
Shirlyn's Natural Foods
1922 East 9400 South
Sandy, Utah 84093

5578 So. Redwood Rd
Taylorsville, Ut 84123

183 E. 12300 So.
Draper, Ut. 84020

Thursday, January 18, 2007

QUINOA and a raw recipe too

Quinoa-is what they call a "pseudo grain". It’s really a fruit! It’s related to swiss chard, beets and spinach. Does that make them really fruit too? No one is saying. Hah! It thrives in high altitudes and low moisture, cold thin air, and hot sun. Sounds like Utah! Well guess what- it was developed in the Andes by the INKA. Go figure!

It’s sort of looks like millet, and grows similar in clusters at the end of long stalks. It’s been a crop in The Andes as far back as 3000 BC. They know it originated in the Andes of south America and there are 1800 varieties of which we have like 3 or 4 here. I think they are working on bringing us 12 so there is lots of room!

There is a quechua name, kinua, chisaya mama. Isn't that cute? As you know, you have all had your initiations into the Qero lineage-which means quechua is the mother tongue!

The INKA considered it sacred and sowed the first seeds with “golden” implements. It is second only to the potato in nutrition as a supercrop. And you know what? The INKA also developed the potato as a crop. And tomato. The Spanish took the tomato to Europe and the Italians adopted it. Wonder what they ate before that? My husband argues vehemently on this point BTW. Do you thnk that the Irish adopted the potato? Hmmmm. Good questions.

It's very high in protein -- 20% !!! That's like 11 grams per cup. Cool! So, guess where we can get our protein from? And quinoa is what MARY uses in her crackers. Compare that number with 7.5% rice 9.9 for millet, and 14 for wheat. The protein is also most similar to milk, and has a complete amino acid balance, no trans fats, no cholesterol, and is light, tasty, AND easy to digest. I tried it and found it yummy! I like it better than rice.
high is lysine (unlike rice and wheat)
high in methionine, and cystine (soy is low in methionine and cystine)
high in linoleic acid, fiber, minerals, and vitamins
high in iron (ya hoo!)
Vit E, B vitamins
8 balanced amino acids for humans
gluten free easy to digest (did we say that already?)

NASA is considering it for manned spaceflights and we should all be thrilled to note: BYU's agricultural department is studying it.

It's really easy to prepare:
soak for a few hours, change water, resoak, then cook.
Treat it like rice, 2 c water to 1 c grain
simmer low for 15-20 min
until germ sep from seed
can steam in a rice cooker too

It's a high protein breakfast food with honey and almonds and berries
cooks faster than rice-10-15 min. I don't know yet if you could have this instead of oatmeal like Pam's breakfast idea, but we could try it!

I LOVE this stuff, but I didn't add it until after the month marker, so put this on your list to try later or try it raw, or what the hell and eat it if you want!!! I wanted you to have the information. It's nice to add a few handfuls to the all vege soup too when you feel like some substance, and when we get the dehydrator stuff going (I haven't had time to really play yet, more's the pity of that) I'm sure we can come up with some ideas.

If you want it raw, the suggestion is to sprout it.
Quinoa Salad
4 cups sprouted Quinoa
2 cucumbers
1 red and 1 yellow bell pepper
2 tomatoes
4 celery stalks
6 scallions
1 cup cilantro, basil or parsley (optional)
2 carrots, grated or shredded
1 small jicama, grated
4 Tbs. kelp
Chop all salad ingredients fine and put into large bowl. Mix dressing (below) and add to salad. Mix again. Serve.
3 large avocados
1 1/2 cups tomatillo juice or sauerkraut juice
4 cloves of garlic
pinch of cayenne
kelp to taste
cilantro, basil or parsley to taste (optional)

Now this is from Ann Wigmore's site, and it sounds like it makes a HUGE amount, so adjust the ingredients down or feed 9 people Pam! ;)

Gone Crackers!

The wonderful organic crackers I mentioned in class:


Don't you LOVE that name? She MUST be a raw shaman at heart don't you think? Wheat free, gluten free, organic, and kosher, but bad news-they are baked. I thought they were dehydrated. Wild Oats does NOT carry them, but Good Earth does. This is a woman who found her own solution and then turned it into her POWER! Don't you think we should like nominate her for an honorary Shaman Mama? I do! That's the path of the wounded healer! She had a lifelong stomach issue due to gluten intolerance-which lead to her developing THESE fabulous crackers...power baby! Follow your path to your power.

It's made with brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, sesame seeds, salt and wheat free tamari. Ok, so did I publish the info on quinoa yet? It's from PERU! I will dig that info out and publish it pronto. THIS you have to know about!

Also, Omar is willing to come and teach a raw class at our building. $45. per person. If you are interested, email me. We need 5 as a minimum. I'm not sure which date-are weekends better?

My Beautiful Daughter

Although this is my granddaughter Sydney and not Em I just thought the picture was so appropriate to fairy dust and the child within....Magic....
I was talking with my daughter today, and she is such a love. She is doing the South Beach Diet. But what she is doing really is getting Rawish. She asked me Mom, something is really different when I started this I am seeing the world so different. The colors are more brilliant, vibrant, even the traffic lights are a brilliant color. She said it is so great when I eat I feel so charged, like on a high. She said they buy all the produce at the local farmers market, so its really fresh. She said its really changing how I am looking at life. Mom can food do that. I laugh then tell her yes sweet heart, you've got it! I then told her she needs to make sure she is making this connection with my granddaughter Emily. She said she did ask Em if she was seeing the same thing, the vibrance of the colors around them and Em said no and looked at her like eeewwweee Mom. I told her to keep bringing the magic out to Em, she needs to feel and see the magic.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I had a haircut tonight and my hairdresser mentioned that my hair felt alot softer than usual and not as dry. She asked what I was using. The last time I saw her I had just started and wasn't talking much about t. I told her about going raw. She paused. Her mouth dropped open. She closed her mouth. Then said the usual "But what are you doing about protein?" and "But how are you getting your fats?" and "You mean raw as in RAW? Not cooked? Not even sushi?"

After a few minutes of talking she started to nod and said "You know, it makes a lot of sense. I bet I would really like it." She looked so tired-lovely young woman with (it's Ogden) 4 children. And they are teens! She can't be but 35? Young. But she was dragging. Wonder if the seed will plant? She also mentioned how little grey I have. Thanks.

Of course, right on the heels of THAT cudo, I was buying more pretty plates in ROSS, and the Hispanic elderly woman checker looked at me and said "No Senior?"

Muchas gracias senora (thanks very much! There used to be a day when THAT was never even a consideration!

Monday, January 15, 2007


We know that emotions are in our intestinal tract. We have more neurons in our Somatic body than in our central nervous system. Your somatic self is what I call your "Primary" brain. First and foremost we are a feeding organism. The intestinal tract (which really runs from your mouth to your anus) chooses, confronts, digests and absorbs what feeds us, both nutritionally as well as emotionally. Yep, your somatic self is a sensing organism. It has to be! And we have been trained to ignore it for the most part, or override it, or be intimidated by it, but certainly we were not trained to honor it, respect it or value the information it gives us.

All the greens are clearing me at such a deep level and in an almost uncomfortable way. I looked at the glass of greens this morning and thought "I can't!" But I did. I like them! I do! But I knew when I drank it that something was going on inside me.

I was well fed today. I had the vege rolls Jac suggested, and an avocado before we left for the Lotus to look for some more rocks (God help us-we are rock nuts). I suddenly had such a drop in my blood sugar that I sat on the floor in the store and felt like I was going to pass out. Hmmmm. I had been directly working on blood and mind programs-releasing secrets. Well well well. "How close are you to passing out?" asked Lauren.

I smiled as I sat on the floor. "Pretty close!" It made no rational physical sense. I had eaten. I was rested. I was not "consciously" stressed. Linda went to the car and got a Larabar for me, which helped. But what was really going on?

I had been agitated all day. I had fought something during the night and I woke tired. What was up? I wasn't feeling chipper today. I felt grumpy. I was annoyed too when we had no heat this morning even though the landlords were there and working on the boiler. I felt pissy! I didn't want to be cold! I realized the old program would be to eat something. I don't like that agitated feeling. I usually stuff it. How old was I anyway? I didn't ask. No one asked. We got busy and did a very left brain note taking sort of day, which frankly relieved us all! :)

Last night I had 3 disturbing dreams. All were about my emotional body, the role being dream-played by my beautiful black cat Coco. Dream 3 she was being attacked by this ugly sick looking cat...hmmm...I wanted her to leave it alone completely...a mangy red and yellow cat that looked like it had been left in the dryer way too long...doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Coco did get too close, and this thing that appeared to be half dead and inattentive-attacker her. I was me, adult, looking down from above. I was much much bigger than this ugly mangy cat that was tottering around half dead, beast mostly slain but still a danger it seemed. Habit? I tried to stick my foot inbetween them-a really half assed attempt I will admit, but you know what I noticed? Coco was doing just fine. She engaged, conquered and was done with it. Hmmmm. It wasn't even a match.

In dream 1 Coco was absolutely reveling in blue flames, rolling in them, unhurt, just fine. 3 burners worth of flames coming up out of the ground. Reminding me fire transforms? Reminding me that fire is friendly? I was trying to get her out, mildly afraid I would be burned, mildly afraid she would be. I was almost sure I could smell burning fur. In the dream I kept expecting to see her fry or melt or suddenly howl-but no. Ok ok. Got that one too.

The second dream-blank. Almost.I remember something-flat looking yellow eyes and a squat face. I woke up unable to really breathe. Lungs cleared in about a half hour. Something there? Oh yea. I've seen those eyes before. I woke off and on all night. I remember thinking it was because I had had the soup late, and I could feel it in my intestines. I vowed sleepily to make sure I ate earlier from now on because this disturbance wasn't fun. It was be intestinal emotional memory coming up from all the greens. Yeah, I knew that.

But my gremlins came out in the store as I sat there on the floor. "You need to eat something RIGHT NOW. Forget this vegetable and fruit stuff. Stop at Molca Salsa and get some eggs. Go get some protein. Your blood sugars are off. Come on, eat why don't you! You can't keep doing this. This doesn't make any sense." Blah blah blah. And that pervasive "you know you probably haven't lost any weight anyway. It's not like you are going to blow anything. Come on. No one is going to know. And you don't have to be perfect. This is raw - ish. You can start again tomorrow. You are getting SICK! Come on. EAT!"

I felt depressed. Then I remembered the deep sense of grief and congestion when I woke up this morning. I couldn't breathe. My chest was tight. Hmmmm. But I stayed in charge. I noticed it all. It was fascinating to clearly feel it all over my body.

I realized that my distraction programs were kicking it up a notch to get me to stop. What was the point of getting me to stop? I must be getting too close to buried treasure! It's a bit like the Momma bird that plays wounded to distract from the predator getting too close to the nest. I was too close to something, and I didn't even "know" what it was.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. It is damn cold up here. Minus numbers. I sat in the car and tried to talk myself out of going in. I told myself I could have absolutely anything I wanted though. I bought 4 cans of sliced pickled beets. Beets? I had been thinking of them all day I realized. Pickled beets. I came home and had a can of beets to myself with olive oil and garlic, lots of celtic salt and pepper and raw pinenuts. Oh heaven! I ate every single one. I had another bowl of my green soup, warmed. I had made it the night before. Rebecca, make a vege soup because it helps alot to have some warm soup when this hits. I felt totally satisfied, and I had truly eaten what I wanted. I made a big bowl of avocado and tangerine slices with olive oil but was too full to even attempt to eat it. But why beets I wondered?

Funny thing about beets-I ate exactly what my body needed nutritionally! Beets are excellent for blood, and are a great source of iron, calcium, sulfur and potassium, as well as beta carotene and C. And guess what. Beets contribute directly to the LIVER and GALLBLADDER, and stimulate the LYMPHS, so it all makes perfect sense! Beets stimulate bile, and help to flush the KIDNEYS.

Emotionally-I had been feeling angry, which is LIVER, and I woke feeling congestion which is LYMPH, and pissy-that's KIDNEYS, and I was trying to sort things out to release them-also KIDNEYS. I was trying to keep "secrets" from myself, which means the BLOOD, and feeling that tired feeling-BONES, so calcium. And calcium is about communication with self. Bone programs kick in when we don't want to move towards something and when we are trying to keep secrets in. Wow. I listened to my body, and it really did pick a nutritional solution! My BODY did. My MIND wanted to distract me, bad.

All the greens-Garlic reduces blood pressure. Parsley helps cleanse the liver and kidneys and stimulates the intestines-that's my soup which I had last night and this morning, as well as again tonight. Hmmmm. It's also in those green juices every morning. And spinach. Spinach stimulates the liver, lymphs and blood. Wheatgrass-duplicates the hemoglobin of blood and again, stimulates the kidneys and liver to cleanse as well as the urinary tract.

In letting my body really decide on the food, it made the right choices based on what was trying to release. I'm really going to bed feeling quite pleased now and much less defeated than I was feeling today. I am releasing instead of holding and hiding and fighting. That's big for me.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


THIS time the wonder food is from Tibet! Think of the taste of cranberries and cherries and you will have it. They are sweet, and you buy them dried in bags, and they have a pretty red color even dry. They’re about the size of raisins.

This is another sexual potency fruit-hmmmmm we are awakening the wild feminine afterall! ☺

This may be the most nutritionally rich berry on the planet according to researchers, so give it a try. This little fruit has 21 trace minerals including iron, copper, zinc and calcium as well as germanium, selenium and phosphorus. It also has 18 amino acids, and B1,2 and 6, as well as E. Pretty good for a little berry. They also are anti-inflammatories, have linleic acid, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t spell. They boost the immune system and the libido apparently. So we were talking about longevity right? Well, Li Qing Yuen, ate goji berries every day and he lived to be (ready for this?) 252 years old! I kid you not! 1678-1930. His life is one of the best documented cases of extreme age we have. Hah! If he can we can. And look at all that pretty color! BTW-this is a kirilan photograph of a fresh goji berry-wow!

Recipes Quick Easy Salad Dressing

Again these are just of the top of my head....

Easy Quick Salad Dressing

raw sesame tahini
fresh squeezed lemon juice
chopped dates
celtic sea salt
paprika or cayenne (anything for a little spice/color)

water to thin

mix all adjust flavors...this is my fav super quick easy dressing....


The green drink from Wild Oats is the easiest thing I've done, and it absolutely fills me with energy. But! It does clear the intestinal tract and since beginning to add these wonderful green drinks, I am finding I have more meat cravings which I didn't have at all in the beginning. It's due to what is old and stored in the intestines and as it clears, those sensory receptors in the intestinal tract signal "more meat!", so Lauren's suggestions of "colonics" are starting to sound like a good idea to get me through this. I was ready to knaw on ribs today! It was an overwhelming urge for meat. I didn't do it, but wow was it ever prevalent. Thankfully by the time I got home to my husband barbequeing steaks for the guys, I was past my craving. Instead I went in and took the veges and made a quick raw soup while they were eating and cut up fruit. It's been so absolutely easy to stay with this because I love my natural high and don't want to lose it!

I'm finding my relationship with my own body and emotions to be so much more present. I am not hiding from myself, I'm not fooling myself. I am really pleased with food, eating or not eating. It's my choice. I also notice that I am sleeping better, deeper and my psychic connections are more available, which in my line of work is a good thing! :) Life sings in a new way. Joseph Campbell said that all of life is conscious and that we really need to be available to that dialog. For me, going raw has been that final step to connecting to that vitality in what we eat. Food is alive! It is!

For me, this is a whole new way of engaging my world, my body, my beliefs. I've done the diet thing, the doctor thing-yep Rebecca you got it there, the best seller book thing, the neighborhood "let's all walk in the morning" thing, the "trainer" thing-and yep Pam, you did run into another set of beliefs and opinions. Good for you with staying with your own because trainers eat very differently and it works for SOME of them.

In going raw shamanically, it's about the body talk within our feeling body, and listening to it rather than finding a way to turn it off or shut it down. It's about what WE say-between us and our bodies, that counts. I like the greens-you may NOT! I want to love my food and preparing it again, you may not want to think about it that much. For me, I have had a lifelong love hate relationship with food, but for sure not everyone has that going.

Food took lots of different positions in my emotional body. Played lots of roles if you will. In another's family, it may not have. My mother used it to quiet the children, to make us behave, to reward us, to punish us, to exert control, to show her love. It was everything. Most ethnic households are the same-(My Big Fat Greek Wedding to name one close to my heart). "Have something to eat dear".

For some, food and not getting your share may be the trigger to overeating, for others, being forced to eat whatever was cooked-and be thankful for it, may be it. For someone else, food means comfort, for another punishment. One woman that had a gorgeous body and was just naturally slim said "Food has never been a big deal to me. I eat when I'm hungry. Just something to have to do." Then she smiled and said "But my mother was a TERRIBLE cook!" which meant she had no positive connections to food or eating or the good smells coming from the kitchen! :) Some of my very favorite memories from childhood are centered around food. And the smell of cooking. Limbic brain stimulation.

Today I was thinking wouldn't it have been cool to have learnt this as a youngster. I remember living in Florida and the neighbor woman saying to me "Why, you're just a little rabbit aren't you!" as I happily munched on a carrot. I was 2 or so. I remember that really clear. So when did I lose it? WAS it television? Is that the beginning of the numbing out? I am watching almost NO television now, funnily enough.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Good evening raw shamans!

Well! I am so pleased and so tickled and so damn excited about everything I am reading on the blog. You are all so OUTSTANDING! You are getting it! You are DOING it! The forbidden! You are walking away from the rules. From the lies. From the fog. You are making those very primary decisions for yourselves! You are walking between the lies and finding your own personal truths. I couldn't be more excited for you all and for me! :) I love this.

I am free. I am. I am so so free with food in a way that I have never ever ever been before. I did the gastric bypass, as you know, and it worked. I dropped 150 pounds in 6 months. I promised myself no more dieting, and for probably 10 years I was true to my word. I totally believed that I couldnt' gain weight. I was without food angst.

Then, someone told me that they knew someone who had had the same surgery -- twice -- because it came back. I felt my insides start to unravel. What???? That''s not possible. "oh yes" she said. And told me all the ways I could gain weight. Panic set in. And as soon as my focus was on the fear of gaining it back-wham. I was caught again in obsessing about food, and reading those damned diets in the magazines. Maybe if I do this, maybe if I dont' do that, did I try cabbage soup, maybe lemon tea. Oh yea, that grapefruit thing worked. I felt caught again, and at the mercy of my cravings. I gained off and on about 20 pounds. I hated it. I hated that I was caught again!

I was at the grocery store the other night, and of 6 magazines at the checkout stand - 5 had diets on the cover. I shook my head. It's a trap! And I lived it all of my adult life until now.

Yesterday we went to OMARS for raw dinner. Oh my God, that man is a master. I had the raw spagetti. This is a masterpiece. It is zuccini spiral cut, thin thin thin. Avocados, lettuce, dressing to die for. What does he do? We are all moaning as we eat it. "taste this" we are laughing. We also order the raw sushi. All vegetables. no rice in sight. How does it stick together? We are dipping them in this amazing sauce. So so so good! What is in it? My God I want to take lessons from this man. What he does with raw food!!!

We even ordered dessert. This is a HUGE nono for me. My mother always refused dessert. I always refuse dessert. I usually can't eat that much. I am surprised. I am eating part of the chocomoco freakin amazing thing he has made. Oh God oh wow oh what a taste!
"It's made with almond butter" Lauren says.
"What?" This tastes creamy, and milky! And raspberry sauce. Oh yum. We leave bites of everything, but we are singing when we leave, and giggling. Linda is skipping and talking about taking cooking classes too. What amazing food! I am thinking "this can't get out! This is like a wonderful secret place, a treasure" and then I think "oh oh okay. THe world can know about Omar. Ok." I laugh. It is such fun! I NEVER order 3 plates of food. I order kiddie plates of food. But I ate the whole raw everything. I loved it. We go back to class and work until midnight when we finally decide we should probably stop.

We have had NO heat at the class. Down to 55 degrees! We are working on the floor with no less than 3 mesas each, one for the emotional body, one for the physical body, one for the spiritual body. We look like Kindergarden in full session with plates of raw food and hairy coconuts strewn down the center arranged on the butterfly plates! The downstairs massage therapist comes in to find out why there is no heat (like we know???) and looks at this glorious sensuous totally decadent display of primal earth energy and says "I want to come and play up here!"

I am laughing because we are wrapped in blankets, we have hats on, and scarves, and boots. We look like eskimos surrounded by treasure! They go to journey and they look like little coccoons wrapped in layers of blankets all tucked in head to toe. I took pictures!

But on the way home I wanted HOT food. I was thinking about Yanni's greek food. I was thinking about Der Weinerschitzel. I was thinking about pizza. BUT! I also realized WHY I was thinking about that food. I was cold. And raw carrots even in cashew dip wasn't cutting it. Yea yea there was that Larabar, and I had a tangerine, but the longer the day was, the more I was craving hot. My body was COLD!

But you know what? I stayed in my adult me. I thought of the satisfying raw food at home. I came up the canyon, and I began to take food out as soon as I got in the door. Straight to the kitchen, and things start coming out.. I had to move the hot pizza that was laying on the tray still, over to the side. I looked at it, I picked off two little pieces of cooked tomato. Yum! I moved the pizza over. Done.

I pulled out two avocados, and a beautiful ripe tomato. I got out hemp seed, and flax seed and sesame seed. I got out the olive oil and a lemon, and some garlic. I pull out some vegetables, and the food processor. I suddenly realize that I am humming and I am bringing out the cayenne and the parsley. I am making a huge avocado salad and drizzling on olive oil and sqeezing fresh lemon all over it just the way Lauren did, and I am so so so looking forward to this, yum! I am NOT saying "oh I shouldn't have two avocados, they are really high in fat". Nope. I put some olive oil on-knowing I need more oils because i can feel it in my body. I am thinking, I really want two. I don't think "Hmmm. I shouldn't be able to eat two avocados with my stomach surgery" I am just cutting them up and making this awesome colored salad! I cut up the tomatoes and sprinkle sea salt on them, and then toss them in. I am looking at this food that really thrills me, and I am so grateful! I could have stopped and wolfed down a hotdog on the way, my emotional self that wants to be warm taking over. But I didn't.

I am in charge. I am. I am eating exactly what I want. I am not shortchanging myself, I am not feeling deprived or cheated, I am feeling totally satisfied! What is better than that???

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A few recipes-Pie Crust

Ok so these are all adjustable to taste and desire and I dont have any exact quantities so play!
Also just throwing a bunch of random things together to get them on here!

Pie Crust:
(soak nuts overnight -- dehydrate them until dried again -
this unlocks enzymes and seals them in)
Apricots and/or a few Dates

Blend in food processer until clumpy and sticky between fingers put into pie pan mold as you would any old pie crust -- you can also store in fridge

you can change nuts around use macadamia's sunflowers anything really and coconut flakes whatever you want and it can be changed based on filling!

ANYTHING!!!!!!! To get a gelatinous texture add 1 Tbs - 2 of Psyllium Husks Powder
(be careful not to add too much as it can be a little uncomfortable in the intestines!)
also it sets up very quickly so if you want to slow down add water

i like making banana cream pie - bananas and young coconut a few dates cinnamon vanilla almond extract...

ill add more fillings later but anything works
then put in fridge to set up...

ohhhhhhhhhhh to make 'caramalized' anything just use nama shoyu and agave mix.
you can do this with pecans after theyve been soaked and dehydrated just put a handful in bowl add enough nama shoyu and agave to allow to coat when mixing around adjust agave and nama based on personal taste.....THIS IS AMAZING you can make caramazlized onions too!!!!
its important to soak nuts over night around 12 hrs to get rid of enzyme inhibiters they can be stored in fridge covered (not wet) for up to a week i believe.....BUT if you dehydrate them and put them in sealed container they can last for at least one month im sure better to use for crusts and most recipes as they are not soggy....

MOCK 'salmon' 'tuna' whatever somethin' fishy and fresh tasting!:
basic proportions:

soaked dehydrated peeled almonds (maybe 1-2 cups)
carrots (1-2 carrots)
blend in cuisinart

in bowl mix in chopped celery (1/2-1 cup) onion (1/4 cup?) celtic sea salt to taste or himalayan salt and DULSE flakes (this adds fish taste you can play with amount i start with 1 tsp and keep adding!)

this is my favorite thing to add to wraps or to put in sushi
and everyone NON raw is obsessed with this!

(to get skins off almonds hot soak with boiling water for 5 minutes then plunge into cold skins should be easily peeled then allow them to soak overnight--then you can dehydrate them)

ALSO if you are using regualr salt kosher salt etc. STOP
Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt or any kind of sea salt but the first 2 in my opinion are best.


these are SO good for you make sure you get wild or organic and UNTOASTED etc.

ok thats what i got for now
wow im remembering all of the recipes i learned in raw culinary school!!!
ill definately add more later!

good luck have fun

Should I be supplementing

The question came up in class last night, in response to a comment I made about reading that Vegans and Raw Foodists in the US tend to be more healthy than in the UK or Europe, and that the premise was that we supplement more here.

When this question was posed Lauren and I both said "Yes" automatically, and we then all had a discussion to which Pam said "Aren't we going to get our nutrients from all this food? And again I heard myself say "yes!"

So which is it? Supplement or not? As we played with that, it comes down to being all about what we FEEL from our bodies telling us. Listening to our bodies. Not the articles, not the research. I can post research about the amazing things that certain fruits and seeds and living foods do for us, and ultimately we listen to our bodies and know that if we find that goji berries taste wonderful, so be it.

Kathy said it when she was loving the raw coconut and said "Wow, I must really be needing something in this because it tastes WONDERFUL!" Yep. The body responds right back to us with grateful THANK YOUS.

I mentioned that I added some calcium because my legs told me to, and I'm not getting enough greens I know. So, I want to make a point of that in the next few days. I ate at Omar's last night, and woke feeling amazing! It's because of the greens.

Lauren mentioned drinking raw egg yolks because of a dream, and noticing that when she followed through with that she felt better.

That's your engagement with supplements. Ask your body and listen. Notice if you start craving coconuts suddenly, or avocados, because it may well be your body craving nutrition. We have been trained to not trust our body, or its cravings, and we want to start eating naturally.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Lauren is going to teach us tonight how to open coconuts. Does anyone have a big meat cleaver that they can bring to class with them? I don't have one. I will bring an assortment of knives but I know I don't have that one.


Another local natural food store is GOOD EARTH. They have locations in Riverdale, Orem, Sandy and Provo. I've only been to the one in Riverdale but want to check out Sanday. They have a great selection, organic produce, and that's where I ordered my dehydrator from, which came in 4 days,and the price was $219. for the 9 drawer including freight and tax which put it at less than I found on line. Course, I didn't check ebay. I looked at our posted links and then while in there impulsively thought "what the hell!" and ordered it. I have stuff in 6 trays today and am playing. One drawback-no timer! All the recipes say 4-5 hours or 6-8 can set the temperature, but not the time. Bad design flaw in my opinion.

Sandy: 7905 S 700 E.
Provo: 1045 S University
Orem: 500 S State
Riverdale: 1050 W Riverdale

Wonder why they went to Riverdale and skipped over SLC? They have the LARABARS, which I would highly recommend, at much less than either Wild Oats or Albertsons who have it at $2.09. Good Earth has them on sale at $1.35. Now in Riverdale they are NOT with the other protein bars. They are in a separate RAW section, so ask for them. They also have some yummy things like dehyrated carob supergreen squares. I love em and want to replicate in my dehydrator. LARABARS are all organic, and all raw. They will inspire you, and if you need something to keep in the car that won't spoil, they will do.

For some reason I have a wicked headache today. I realized it as I was waking up-coming back into the body with a "wow what was I doing last night?" I feel like I'm hung over!


Check out this amazing place! It has people coming from all over the world, and they happen to heal all sorts of illnesses including cancer. This is the place that was begun by Ann Wigmore. I think you mentioned her Rebecca. She's quite the pioneer for us. They have wheatgrass GREENHOUSES! And I am amazed to see that they are in West Palm Beach. That's where I was born!


I added this to the side list of websites to check out. They even do wheatgrass enemas...good inside and out I guess! It''s supposed to stimulate a rapid release. Hah. I bet! :)

Wheatgrass is a favorite of mine. To drink to drink. It's a blood purifier, and detoxes. It's 70$ chlorophyll!

They suggest drinking it in small increments but several times a day. 2-4 oz. That's quite a shot there - 4 oz. If any of you have gum or teeth issues, swirl wheatgrass juice in your mouth-gargle with it, it's great for your gums.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Joy Diary

I had the most beautiful bowl of raw stuff for lunch! It was so pretty! I know just what you mean Pam.

I cut half an avocado and fanned it on my red plate, made a mango salsa, and then added blackberries and some raw pistachios on top. I thought "oh, can't eat all this!" ... and I relished every single bite! It was the most amazing mix of textures on the tongue with the mango salsa being sweet and spicy and tangy, the avocado smooth and creamy, the blackberries so vibrant and then the crunchy

On top of that it was my day off so I sat outside in the sun with deep snow all around and swung in my witches basket chair. It was totally a mix of all these contrasts. Sun and cold, snow and warmth...and my mouth was doing the same thing with the bowl of flavors. Delightful!

The salsa is mango, jicama, jalapeno peppers, and tangerine slices. Yum!

In class tonight I mentioned raw, and they told me how they could never do it, and all the reasons why they had to have meat, and eggs. Hah! Some day they may venture where we have dared! Oh! For my drive down the mountain I made a fruit smoothie in the food processor. I put in a real ripe pear, an apple, some more blackberries and a splash of fresh oj. This made a very thick sort of smoothie and I drank it going down. Tomorrow I think I'm going to add some whey protein.

I have my dehydrator going. I am making some blended vegetable things and some fruit things. LOL I don't know what to call them.


Try this simple one too, Pam.

Into your food processor put:
a handful or two of hydrated walnuts
1/2 c of olive oil
The juice of a whole lemon
some fresh basil, salt and pepper
ok ok, no cayenne

whip it up as chunky as you like and pour it on your salad.
I used this on the cabbage salad last night.

Monday, January 8, 2007


You can buy this at Wild Oats too I noticed. Lauren saw it there too, if you don't want to take the time to make it, but I swear it's easy, and it lasts for days in the fridge-but I ate mine pretty quick. I love this! And I'm not big on tofu. Now, technically, tofu isn't raw and I didn't do this one until I was a good 3 weeks into raw, but just so you have the recipe...
Here goes
1 ½ pounds tofu, firm
½ cup eggless mayonnaise (Nasoya Nayonnaise, which you can also get at Wild Oats or you can make it-want a recipe?)

Into the food processor put:
2 red bell peppers
4 green onions including the tops ( cut off the little bottom, you know that right?)
1 carrot
3 Tbsp. fresh parsley (about 6 stalks)
2 stalks celery
¼ tsp. turmeric
1 ½ Tbsp. mustard seed (or mustard if you aren't a purist)
2 tbs garlic (hey, I like garlic)
Salt, pepper, and my usual cayenne pepper
and if you have any olives laying around, throw a few in too
Add the tofu
and the mayo

You can use this to stuff celery, or in lettuce rollups with your fresh sprouts. You can put in inside mushroom caps after you take out their little stems), you can stuff tomatoes, or those really yummy tiny peppers from Costco in all the pretty colors and dust some paprika on top and sprinkle with flax seeds which look REAL pretty on top! Everyone will want to eat them! :)



Jacquie is going in for her parathyroid surgery this morning-please hold her in your hearts and send her healing energy for a swift easy experience. When we viewed it yesterday "we" saw green forests, cool streams, clear white energy and peace.
We love you Jac!

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Note: Purple cabbage is a great vege dipper-Lauren brought a head of purple cabbage in and we cut it into wedges and dipped it in raw hummus and salsa. I had NEVER thought of it, and it was SO pretty! And tasty. I'm going to use it alot because those cabbages are really good for us and beautiful and I happen to really LIKE cabbage.

Here's one of my favorite Cabbage Salad recipes: Modifed for RAW:

1 Green bell pepper, seeded and chopped into pieces
1 Red bell pepper, same thing
Take your BIG kitchen knife and cross cut the cabbage into bits.
3 or 4 green onions, chopped including the green tops.
salt, pepper.

You could definitely use that pomegranate one, and I usually mix a hot dressing for this one.
Into your food processor whizer thingie put:
1/4 c oil, and 1/4 c red wne vinegar and a splash of water
1/2 tsp cayenne
1 tsp chopped garlic
a sprinkle of hot red pepper flakes
salt and pepper
add a sprinkle of something green like parsley flakes or cilantro
Juice of half a lemon
2-3 TBS sesame seeds

Pour all over the salad and serve! This is actually even better the next day because it ferments...yum
You can do 1/2 a head of red cabbage and 1/2 a head of green cabbage too which is very very pretty!


To make pomegranate vinegar for your salads,
Cover pomegranate seeds with white wine vinegar and put in a jar with a lid. Put the jar in the sun for a week or so.
Strain the vinegar from the seeds and pour into a bottle and store it in the fridge! Then you can use it for marinades and dressings. and it lasts for months. Of course, some of use want it NOW, so you can just buy pomegranate juice of course, just mix the two-1 part juice to 2 parts vinegar and shake well! :) But make a bottle too-it's good for the little ones to watch it change color in the sunlight.

Pomegranate Dressing:
1/2 c Olive oil
1/2 c Pomegranate juice
mustard seed
flax seeds
salt and pepper
1/2 fresh lemon squeezed in

Place all this in your little food processor and whip it up-whip it good!
How much of each? Oh...a pinch of this, a pinch of that with the spices-FEEL your way girls! This makes alot so you can store it in the fridge in a beautiful green glass bottle from DOLLAR TREE for just that much. So fun! And such a pretty color to have.

Then when you go to add it to your salad, make sure you add walnuts or almonds too or sunflower seeds or or or! Oh the choices are never ending!


Pomegranates are the new super food don't cha know! They are fat free, chock full of Vitamin A, E, and C-which translates into antioxidants. It has potassium and is rich in IRON.
It kills cancer cells, and slows tumour growth, is an anti-inflammatory. It's great for pregnant mothers, clears clogged arteries, and is good for the heart as it reduces fat deposits on arterial walls, so it also combats hardening of the arteries, and it seems to stabilze PSA levels in men with prostate cancer and Pomegranate seed oil causes breast cancer cells to self destruct. Well, are we surprised? LOOK at that beautiful color!

Choose a fruit that feels heavy, and look for the brightest color! You can store the seeds in an airtight container for 3 mns in the refrig. They last forever, and Costco is selling the seeds (fresh) as well as some really wonderful fresh Pomegranate juice.

In Babylonia it was considered an agent of resurrection.The Greeks called it the fruit of the dead. In Persia they believed it made their warriors invincible. In China it is eaten for longevity. It first appeared in Persia. The Egyptians would put Pomegranates in with the dead.

The Pomegranate tree that bears the fruit represents eternal life. And the part of the stem that attached it to the tree is in the shape of the Mogen Star-the Star of David.

In the mythical tale of the unicorn, pomegranate seeds "bled" from its horn, which symbolized Christ. The Pomegranate was used on the coat of arms for Catherine of Aragon, who was Henry IIX's Spanish wife.

Iranian scholars contemplate that it was the POMEGRANATE that was eaten in the Garden of Eden and NOT the apple, and Mohammed said it purges one of envy and hatred. Well, that fits because it clears the blood-where we house our passion and spiritual essence.