Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saging and Aging

This is pretty interesting-might prompt you to read the book!

Shirley Maclaine and Chakras

Part 1

It's funny to think that chakras were a radical concept. We've come a long way kids!
She stays very credible and really has his attention, and though he jokes, he is listening!

Part 2

She shows them to him in part 2. Good laughs, good questions, good answers.

Seth Speaks on Beliefs

I started reading "Seth Speaks" when I was 17. I cut my teeth on it if you will. It's nice to see it coming back into vogue, although I know the books have always been in publication. Remember this was written more than 35 years ago.

If you have never read the Seth Materials, I can only encourage you to do so. You are ready. This is Jane Robert's voice as she is channeling Seth. This was back in the 1970s, and it was a time when no one was trance channeling. The material takes listening to more than once, reading more than once, watching more than once. Good stuff does. We have to allow it to sink in, change us.
It can be quite scientific and exact, but 'he' has addressed thing such as the eternal validity of the soul, non-sequential time, and of course, beliefs. Many books. Much information. And not the 'fluffy' you are loved stuff we get in such plethora today. Probably why I liked it then and still.

On the LIVINGJOYUS.COM website, in the Spirits Rising podcast there is an audio clip from Pat Rodegast who is another trance channel from those early days, and she is still alive because she 'oracles' rather than bringing the energy fully in to her physical body as Jane did. She channels an energy called EMMANUEL. Also interesting. She's well into her 80s, and living in Florida.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best Prank Ever

Well, this is one way to stop time! :)
See how easy we are to play with? Very fun!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

how things are becoming clear and settling

Its amazing how you can be in something for so long stuck in it and although conscious of something major processing it seems theres no way out! I think I have been in this state for a bit now - for certain issues its felt like months. Ive been head down in the ground just trying to be still and allow all of the teachings to come through and the old shadows to slough off. Like magic (of course its all magic) the past week has been an intense one but one of major clearings and all of a sudden all of that uncomfortable grey icky area around so many things has shifted and sorted and things are beginning to settle. I had been feeling so out of that magic timing that sense of being right where you are supposed to (even though I was and it was all happening It was just not the fun part so much!)

The major sorting had been happening all last week but yesterday it broke - yes again while cleaning my apartment. As you all know Ive been living in this half-renovated space for a while - I had gotten so pissy that I just accepted and contributed to the complacency by not cleaning by keeping things really unorganized uninviting messy. And I couldnt see my way out! Yesterday some things aligned that motivated me begin to do a deep deep clean - as I did this even more shifting was occurring and an old piece surfaced its ugly side (I unleashed it, unfortunately, on someone, but luckily someone who understood!) I really saw at this moment how 'ghosts' of past leave us as you clear up. It was like I was getting a very practical example of something I intellectually understood but clearly needed more on so that I had a concrete HERE IT IS LAUREN example to say AHA! I get it!

Ive been in hibernation mode all week...but knew it was what was needed...Ive gotten better at not feeling lazy or crazy or bored and just allowing it to there are no mistakes!

Amazing, so now im flowing again and the processing of many things that have been underway are coming to a completion for now - much like a renovation Im beginning to see what it will look like on these issues - all of those messy stages the inbetweens the EEK bad hair days bad mood days bad everything days are now finally growing out growing in and settling into some really nice moments --- so lets just say this feels like exactly what has been happening with my renovation issue on the apartment and after months of the EEK! Months of the sorting and settling around I feel it will finally begin soon! Also work stuff is clearing - yipee!

They are just taking the scaffolding down on 72nd street by my apartment that seems to have been there FOREVER (or more remarkably since this weirdness began hmmm coincidence??) anyway the building the structure the vessel they had been working on is finally complete and ready for occupancy!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

what i learned from the moon last night

a lot shifted last night with the lunar eclipse. the stagnation i had been feeling for so long shifted and im realizing it was there for reasons other than what i had thought (isnt that sometimes and so very often the case). so here are some things i learned from the moon last night:

1) While the moon was being hidden i learned it was time to come out of hiding

2) The truth is the truth

3) Protecting someone has two sides - and one of those sides is sometimes selfish

4) When theres no growth revealing something hidden, a new thought leads one in a new direction

5) Voice can be used responsibly and effectively and create freedom and change instantly

6) Its never to late to use your voice to be clear and trust that you will speak your truth

7) There are no mistakes

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Get Some Joy on

Letters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by

Letters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by

No offense but you all have been a bit
Letters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by Whateverlife.comLetters by

This is a great little site:
WHATEVER LIFE Check it out. It's so cute, and fun. And inspiring.
Here's this young, dynamic girl...
get this-
17 and has a million dollar business. Quit school. Started it on $8. when she was 14. Been programming since she was 9.
Think she's an Indigo? Oh-what's the business? Check it out-it's her website. Generating stuff kids (and kids at heart) can use on their blogs, space, and websites. She's paid by advertisers. Good idea-and doing it! That's the key. Ashley-you go girl! Applause and joy to you!

Come on girls-think outside the box. She's doing it. FREE up!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Sending you guys all love - hope all is going well with you! Still here in SLC but Ive been nursing a nasty little cold all week that ive been attempting to hold off and clear but its lingering and making me feel terrible. I still wish so much that there was a juice place here in SLC still the one thing I really need that just doesnt exist here. Maybe I just need to travel with my juicer! Im still noticing that my body is craving liquids rather than solids although Ive gone back to not listening as much.

I was so happy to get a chance to see jacqui and joy and have them work on me with their new work! It was really cool and Jacqui (who worked with me) really nailed an issue for me that ive been working on - and YES jacqui Ive been doing my homework daily! I have to say this mantra 7 times a day for 8 days - good thing i just memorized it - Ive been saying it more than 7 times a day as I felt I really needed it!

Ug I dont like feeling sick - im groggy flemmy and blechy! I cant wait for spring!

Have a great Vday guys!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hopi Prophecy

This is a lovely video with a wonderful message. If you haven't read this before...let the words sink into your heart. This is what prophecy is truly about. Potential. Possibility.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where is Everybody?

Well you all have been VERY quiet this week...even Jac! What gives? Are you all holed up? Remember we do best when we connect!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Heart Sutra Chant

I find this beautiful. In times when we are challenged even more to find ways to stay centered, what happens to you, inside, when we listen to these tones, and then open our mesas and hearts? Play it in the car, play it in your sacred space.

Where there is light, no darkness can exist. We need to remember that there is only light, and more light no matter how much the dark would like us to believe in it. The dark must be invited in-clear your invitations.

Fear-the open door. Even when it is clouded over, the sun exists-it's just a bit harder to remember the feel and the touch of it, the temperature of the light-but it's still there. The storm-moves on...when we let it pass.

The Lotus Chant

Listen to this with your eyes closed and notice...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Great Video on Raw Food

Take a look at this one-it's well done. A family in Pasadena that has taken it back!