Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayer and mindful intent

If light feeds us, and light is an energy, then prayer as an energy, also must feed us, yes?

Holding prayer in your heart as you prepare your food, feeds you.

We are subtle beings, energetic in nature and substance. We are a cooperation of fields of intent, and when those fields collide and lose their synchronization and their flow, when there is a misfire-a misplayed note, we have imbalance.

Prayer is an activation of a subtle frequency that feeds us.
When your food is living, it is easier for that food to hold the frequency of your intent.
Cooking doesn't kill the food so much as dull it's ability to hold and even amplify your intent.

The mindless eating is what is killing our spirit.
Slo-food, raw food, is mindful food, coming back to nature is coming back to our minds.

What field of intent do you hold in your mind?
What field of intent do you hold when you prepare your food?
What field of intent do you hold when you eat your food?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soak Your Almonds

Soaking your nuts isn't just for nuthin'. (or nuttin' lol)
Soaking and drying enlivens them with living nutrition.
Soaking and drying kills the phytates.
Phytates deplete your body of zinc and iron.


those of us that are low in zinc...ahem...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We can eat noodles!

miracle noodles

no soy, no wheat, no gluten...makes me wonder what they are...plant bases fiber. Does that mean....???

drain, rinse, dry!
Noodles are a great calorie free, carb free alternative to to pasta.

check it out!