Saturday, April 19, 2008

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch Update Page

This man has incredible humor and strength, and is an inspiration. They have already written a book about that last speech, and here is the link to his update page where he posts his adventures in the medical world.

I was curious how he was doing now, so I thought some of you might be too.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kangen Water

This is fascinating: more colons than you might ever want to see. But look at the differences. What the heck IS Kangen water?

Dr Hiromi Shinya-colon therapy
What is Kangenwater? Water that carries 11.5 ph. Wow! KANGEN means return to origin.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

slowing down more raw and return to center

i am in sedona taking reiki I and II with my mom which is really nice. its been a really long few weeks to get here and just being out west in mountains is just what the doctor ordered. ive been hearing more raw more raw for weeks now and just have been to upside down and spun around to listen. so ive been drinking juice and raw for past two days which is feeling really good. i didnt realize how far in the other direction i had gone until a few days ago when i crashed hard after eating a piece of cake and woke up hypoglycemic feeling in the morning. thats always my sure sign that im way off.

its so amazing when your in the hustle and bustle of it all a renovation a move etc (which new york only exacerbates rather than calms) that time is also flying. the minute i got on the airplane and left new york i was like phew! instant slowdown. everything that was speeding and racing finally calmed. i realized that i need to feel like my home is settled wherever it may be and when its upside down im upside down. this renovation has been kind of tough but learned a lot. i left new york with it still unfinished (even though it was supposed to be done a week ago-but so it goes).

anyway cant wait to return to salt lake miss my friends miss the energy miss what i found there and havent felt in a few months because ive been on super fast mode. so i am officially slowing it down! lets please try to get together i really miss you guys and really hope to catch up in person!

I'm in a strange mood...

all I gotta say is WOW! You gotta admire the dedication...

This is a little strange...

look what they can do...tell me WE aren't a cosmic experiement...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Randy Pausch's lecture on achieving childhood dreams has been downloaded more than a million times. He is dying from liver cancer, shows the tumors on an ultrasound scan, and gets on with the talk with much humor. The original lecture was to his students at Carnegie Mellen (where my nephew goes).

This is his lecture on Oprah-a few months later. He has been given months to live, or not as we know, and this is amazing! It's what inspiration is.

This is the link to the original lecture, if you want to watch it.
Randy Pausch lecture

May we all go out with as much grace and power! This is his bucket list folks, and is well done.

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

This is amazing. Watch the methodical way she paints-including 4 legs (showing spatial awareness)
an eye, and she goes over the front leg a second time because it's lighter. Perfectly. Real fine motor control.

She adds a tail, an eye, ears. I would LOVE to haer what they think in terms of the development of human children-this shows identity awareness, self awareness in the universe. And artistic composition-she adds a flower in the trunk. With leaves. This is sooooo cool! She even places the elephant on the ground. This all means incredible things to mental development!

So now what do they think, eh? Kathy sent this and I had to look it up to post. I love it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hmmmm interesting look back

so i googled shaman and lauren and our site came up of course which is cool, the thing that freaked me out was the post that came up with it. it was dated july 31 2007 - i said i was selling my apt. it said i had figured it out and i was selling it. today my realtor emailed me to say that someone was asking about it .... hmmmm again with this choice...i guess when theres a clear answer i will know and all conversations of yes or no here or there are just the drama of the inbetweens.

ug those inbetweens are sometimes still a little hard!