Saturday, March 31, 2007


0. are bloating and farting
0. are breaking out
0. are feeling clear headed
0. are getting a headache from coming off coffee and sugars
0. are just plain happy
0. are listening to your body for real
0. are sleeping better and deeper
0. are starting to think colonics are a good idea
0. blood pressure is back to normal
0. blood sugars are back to normal
0. can really feel the shifts in your body
0. don't need antacids at all anymore
0. feel freakin satisfied
0. feel life filled energy throughout the body
0. feel lighter
0. feel like life is greeting you
0. find your hormones have regulated themselves
0. grin all the time
0. have more energy
0. have no acid reflux
0. have no desire for cooked foods
0. have poops that float
0. have stopped weighing and measuring
0. look forward to drinking GREEN
0. smile when given sound advice that's for your own good (like you need to eat cooked food)
0. started your menses after a year of being "done"
0. talk to the air and know that it loves you
0. thyroid counts are back to normal
0. whistle while you live life

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