Friday, August 28, 2009

Rawish-salmon spread

This isn't raw-technically. I use a large can of alaskan salmon...but it IS raw-ish and salmon is chock full of omega 3s for great brain function!

I make this and keep it on hand, sometimes I'll freeze half for another time too. As you can see, the recipe varies with what I have on hand

1 large can alaskan salmon, drained. Flake with a fork and mash so any tiny bones are dissolved up
1/2 onion chopped fine
1/2 gr pepper chopped fine (or red, or yellow)
1/2 c edamame or green peas
chopped fresh: parsley, cilantro, oregano and basil
salt and pepper
2 cloves garlic, chopped fine
parmesan cheese
toasted pine nuts (or leave em raw too)

mix up and add a splash of olive oil, a good swig of red wine vinegar, and the juice of a whole lemon
I don't add mayo but I suppose you could if you like it

ANd we like it hot, so the pepper flakes, jalapeno peppers and a sprinkle of cayenne go in for us.

Toast corn tortillas in oil until crispy and then fill with this mixture, top with shredded cabbage and a squeeze of fresh lime before eating!
You can use lettuce leaves instead of tortillas but of course!

This is one of those "even better the next day" so it's great to make enough for lunch the next day too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Healthy Lunchtime Eats

Lima Beans Greco
1 bag dried lima beans-soak overnight in cold water, rinse and drain when time to cook. Boil in water until soft. Drain. Remove any loose skins that have separated.

olive oil
red wine vinegar
fresh lemon juice-at least 1 lemon
oregano, basil, parsley (fresh if you have them in the garden-yum!)
hot chili peppers (if you like hot!)
salt, pepper
garlic-as much as you like and we like it

add what you have, and here are some we've liked:
onion-chopped fine
celery-chopped fine
carrot-julienne slices

parmesan cheese or other dry cheese, grated
sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or even chopped walnuts (whatever you have works!)

Toss it all together and let it steep overnight for great second day flavor.

This holds for days, and gets better and better.

You can: eat it on a salad, put it in lettuce rolls, stuff a tortilla. You can have it as a side dish or all alone. This doesn't last long in our house!

This is a taste and test recipe, so allow yourself to play with the spices and go for color and splash!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


When we started our journey into raw food land, we decided to do 'raw-ish'. We thought we'd aim at 100% and hit closer to 70% and figured that 70% was still better than what we were doing.

It worked for us, but I don't tend to be an extremist with anything. My motto is pretty tolerant of all views, and walks and usually I say 'try it for yourself' because I do firmly believe that no one thing will work for everyone. That includes raw. That includes vege, and vegan.

It's not true that eating raw or vegan will make you happier, nicer or more spiritual. If someone tells you that you 'have to' do anything special to connect to God, walk on. Eating nothing but raw food can make you feel good, and if you do it long enough without the right additional nutrient support, you can feel drained and not good. it's true. Sorry.

The very very bottom line is LISTEN TO YOURSELF, be your own TRUTH, and come into right relationship with YOU. If your body wants an egg, or a steak or a hunk of liver tonight, it well could be that it is craving the nutrients in those foods. Going with your body instead of villifying the body will do alot for your health in general!

We've been working on identifying our food beliefs, and frankly, thanks to the wonderful world of marketing, we have tons! Did you know that the average American woman is 5'5" tall, and weighs 152 lbs and wears a size 12? Yep. That's the American average. Do you know that the American average in the 1950s was...a size 12? When Lucille Ball was doing her show in black and white, those were the stats. Size 12.

The media has thrown us into a frenzied hype that we are all hopeless hippos but the truth is we are about the same. We have more fears of food than ever before. We have more processing of foods, engineering of foods, food research and interestingly more allergies than ever before.

Eat what you want. Bless it, which means bring your intention and attention to what you are about to eat. Slow down, sit down and make it a special time-not in the car, not on the run. Pay attention to the color, the smell, the taste, and whatever you eat, savor it.

Let whatever you eat really feed you! ALL of you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why do you eat what you eat?

I'm curious-

What drives us to eat and which foods do we reach for?
How much of what we eat is pure marketing?

Commercials, advertisements, articles, labels.
Friends, memories, unconscious associations.

Do you eat eggs?
Are they organic?
Free range?
Are they egg substitute?
Do you do tofu scramblers?
Do you only eat the whites?
Do you limit the number you eat, and why, if you do? In other words - where did you get the belief, and how is that working for ya?

Post a comment-but add why you've chosen it, and how you came to that conclusion.
Hope you will all play!

Slo-food, raw food, is mindful food, coming back to nature is coming back to our minds.

What field of intent do you hold in your mind when it comes to your food?
What field of intent do you hold when you prepare your food?
What field of intent do you hold when you eat your food?
What is your food field, and is there fear, guilt, anger, pain when you eat?

IF so, in any way, you are eating those emotions. Dangerous games - marketing us into obesity and disease.
We have to wake up and notice.