Tuesday, June 24, 2008

strange happenings

So I went to my storage unit to handle the situation (from the break-in where someone had put another lock on my unit). They were very nice today moved me to a more expensive upper unit even had two guys help move everything even though i kept getting hits that this was an inside job that 2 of those helping me were somehow related with if not on my specific unit then others units. As I was signing papers all of a sudden it hit me - my suitcase was missing from the unit, my suitcase in which I had placed my grandmothers jewelery box filled with jewelry in. At first I was like I am such a complete asshole why would I put that in there. Then I remembered I did because of the work in my apartment. So Im going back tomorrow to file a police report and incident report at the storage place. It has such a creepy energy its really awful. the floor im on is better but how did I not pay attention to this before. I think I was in a rush so I just said screw it Ill do it anyway. I knew when I had checked the space out last tie that something was missing - it was too neat too perfect looking with just one ripped box and a few moved clothes. I asked why would someone go through all the trouble to clip a lock and then not take anything. The whole situation reeks of ick. Any hits you guys get on this issue?

The sad thing is that all the jewelery I had since childhood was in the box. Things my dad had given me, my grandmother, uncle, a friend - all who have since passed. And then there were just a lot of other special sort of things - things that had no real monetary value, just things that are irreplaceable. Im a little sad but Im trying not to harp on it. At the end of the day they are just things. I feel like there is a larger lesson here. Tomorrow Im sure Ill get more of it when I file a report and when I write a formal complaint to the president of the company - a storage company which is all over the city in ads movies etc as being so nyc and so reliable.

In other funny coincidence news tomorrow just so happens also to be a huge meeting in my building to elect new board members and to discuss issues. My neighbor who has had huge issues caught me in the hall the other day and said we need to change this and shake it up its not ok to stand for this kind of behavior and disregard.....so Im hearing a theme here...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

castor oil pack

have you guys ever done one? ive done a bunch with my liver flushes and some a few months ago with acupuncture sessions. today i walked past the castor oil in the health food store and got a hit to do one - its just castor oil on wool flannel (you can put saran wrap on next) than a hot water bottle or heating pad. ive also heated the castor oil before putting it on which feels really nice! leave it on for 30 minutes or more. ive put it on my liver and abdomen area but ive heard you can use it in lots of places to improve digestion circulation reduce swelling detoxification etc.


i havent had one in a very long time but after all the dental work and teeth issues i kept getting a hit it was a good idea and i have been feeling really toxic. i feel so much better right now. its actually noticeably different feeling. i forgot how they do work sometimes and do help. so happy ive been listening to hits this week.

i did get my new crown and fillings in (all 5 n one tiny area!) anyway i can finally bite down for the first time in a while im so happy that this chapter is complete! the dentist even showed me a before and after xray and i saw the difference and really had a great understanding of what was clearly wrong and how this would resolve and heal all of that area! yipee!

ive been feeling really lethargic the past few months i really think its been these teeth so excited to see/feel the difference!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Restless Legs

Did you know that 'restless legs syndrome', that itchy crawly thing that comes on in the evening, can be because of the kidneys?
It can also be due to anemia, which was what was causing mine.
It can also be arthritis, diabetes, nerve damage, parkinson's.

The suggestions vary, but I've noticed that adding magnesium at night, which relaxes muscles, helps. I've also noticed that exercise, just lightly, in the evening, like a walk, helps. Drinking more water, helps.

Foods that Promote Sleep

So top of the list is CHLOROPHYLL!
Yep, leafy greens. Especially lettuce.

Then oysters, whole grains including oats and brown rice, mushrooms, fruit especially lemons, seeds, dill and BASIL.

Foods high in both tryptophan and B3 (niacin): Legumes, peanuts, fish, chicken.

Foods high in tryptophan:
turkey, figs, bananas, yogurt, tuna, milk, whole grain crackers, nut butter, and grapefruit, eggs, miso, berries, honey.

More evidence that raw works for us.
I realized that when I was doing raw, I slept really well!
I haven't been sleeping lately, even with the l-tryptophan. I'm waking every hour or two. I go back to sleep, but I'm definitely not sleeping through.

So, maybe this will help!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I forgot to mention...

I forgot that they also were mandating, in the pee pee shot class, that you use no lotions, makeup or oils on your skin.
Of course, they had 'special' lotion for sale. They claimed that it throws the hypothalamus off...maybe it does? All the chemicals do something to us.

Just think-what if all these years it's the makeup that makes us fat? LOL

So, eat 500 calories, EAT no oils or fats, stop taking your flaxseed oil if you are taking it, AND don't use any lotions on your skin...

we'll all be thin and look like snakes!

just catching up here!

It has been a very interesting few weeks for me here. Sorry I disappeared but its been non-stop and its finally slowing down. Ive been sorting again like persephone getting my apt. ready to be rented going through and reducing the clutter. I have someone coming Monday to see the place a possible subletter so send good juju please! When all goes well (heehee like that) I will be heading out to salt lake for at least 2 months for now.

So some very strange things have happened over these past few weeks all which have a similar theme which hit me between the eyes after the 3rd thing clicked in here goes:

1) i had to go to my storage unit to get something. I didnt really felt good about having my space in the basement of this storage facility but i thought what the heck. I got downstairs and there was another lock on my door. Long story short when i was waiting upstairs for them to cut the luck I heard very clearly well this is what you said right? You wanted to get rid of all of your stuff? I didnt know what I had decided - I knew once they opened the door I would fins out what I had chosen if the stuff was there or stolen. Well it seems I had decided to keep it although i wanted a shake up - so not sure still if anythings officially gone but it was moved a bit (have yet to go file a police report). Anyway larger lesson though was when the manager although being really nice just was matter of factly saying ok file a report and thats that. I kept saying this is not ok - we have a contract and this is not ok.

2) In regards to all of my mouth and teeth issues - i went to the dentist the other day (and exactly as I had seen it) under my crown was all rotten so CA i feel you - all the teeth around had cavities top and bottom from these two teeth issues --- get this the contact was off. Just a mere tiny thing, the contact being ever so slightly off and all of this other stuff came in, the periodontal issues the bleeding, the mirroring on the opposite side. My dentist admitted full culpability during the appt saying none of it was my fault it was all the contact. Anyway when it came time to pay the bill she said 'ok so for tooth 1 were giving you a 1400 porcelain machine milled filling for the price of a composite filling at 250'. She continued to do this with the 3 other teeth and then said one was full price. So 2500$ later i basically was 'eating' the cost of her mistake not to mention all the health swings this year from this mistake. I kept hearing this little lauren voice though going 'lauren dont look a gift horse in the mouth'. I left feeling like not only had I not gotten a bargain but that i was being somehow asked to swallow this crap down and feel awesome about it- we had a contract and she didnt hold up her end of the deal.

3) My super finally finished the work however it looks like a shotty job. He kept apologizing when he was leaving for all of the things that had gone wrong his wifes past cancer the weather the world everything - and I really felt for him he was trying really hard and i know shit happens. Anyway when he left I looked around and thought you know this is not ok. We had a deal and I cant imagine he would ever leave a park avenue apt job looking as rough as this. It just looks rough. And no matter what went wrong I cant imagine someone just accepting this mediocrity or pretending its ok. If I were to sell the apt now Id have to hire someone to come in and do finishing work so it looks acceptable.

So what have I gotten from these three lessons. So there were many there but a main theme was I have been accepting, eating, and allowing things that didnt feel right or ok from myself and others for a very long time. I see things from many sides and can really empathize with others situations (including mine) but thats not an excuse to allow something that doesnt feel right knowing that i feel shitty about it. That has been mapped in over and over - others situations and circumstances are more important than mine. I felt bad in each of these cases because I kept thinking they are trying there best and they havent purposefully done something to create this now negative result. Anyway im resolving all three this week. I am going to the storage place this week filing a police report and a formal complaint and asking to be moved to a new unit with at least one month free. With the dentist Im asking that I not pay for any of the work and be reimburssed for all of the painful periodontal disease cleanings ive had the past few months that cost so much that were a direct result of the poor work on my two teeth. With my super Im having him come in and finish the job properly at his time and cost. Some harder pieces too were owning all the times ive done this and forgiving myself all around.

So cant say it hasnt been interesting...and these were just three example events its been like this for a bit now, but getting lessons loud and clear. Ive been working on myself with all the subtle lessons too from all of this and I do feel really good like years and years of release and understanding and forgiveness are washing over.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is great-now think of that energy zapping your BRAIN~pretty interesting. And you can watch this in multiple languages-I guess this is the new international "let's try it" partygame...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We were talking about magnetic energy, and sunspots came up the other day. DId you know that sunspots have been more active in the last 70 years that at any other time in the last 8,000 years? Ok, so what?

Sunspots are areas of intense magnetic energy, and they've been saying that low sunspot activity means cooler earth temperatures...but they aren't so sure now. When they had that mini ice age in Europe, there was no sunspot activity for about 50 years.

And did you know too, that there have been almost NO sunspot activity since Jan? Interesting! What does THAT mean? Getting ready for something big?

Sunspot activity ebbs and flows in cycles of 11 and 88 years...for those of us into the numbers...give or take a few. The last solar maximum was 2000. We may be going into a solar minimum...maybe.

Oct 11 and Oct 12, there were NO sunspots visible. None. That's unusual.

Sunspots are cooler areas on the surface of the sun, and if they blow they release huge amounts of energy into space which can even trip power grids here on earth.

Is there a correlation between increased sunspot activity and earthquakes, since the last 70 years have been really active?
Seems so. 9 if the 21 most severe earthquakes from 856-1999 were in the 20th century.
There was a 500% increase in volcanic activity between 1875 and 1993
230% increase in the sun's magnetic field since 1901
400% increase in natural disasters on earth between 1963 and 1993

What's next? Well Kathy is watching the earthquakes. Maybe we should watch sunspots too? Just for fun.