Tuesday, March 27, 2007


0. Food and preparation is my meditation
0. I AM gentle with myself if I get off center
0. I am having an adventure with food
0. I am in love with food!
0. I am in love with me!
0. I am safe to feel
0. I am the boss of me
0. I eat exactly what I want when I want and as much as I want
0. I eat naturally
0. I eat vibrant bright living color!
0. I honor myself
0. I honor what I really want to eat
0. I listen to my body and how I feel
0. I make my plate my mastana and let it feed me
0. I totally absolutely completely adore my self
0. Raw dessert is a GUILT FREE part of my meals if I want it
0. The food I eat must be pretty!
0. The more raw I do, the more clear I am
The only thing that I count is how I feel about it

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