Saturday, September 13, 2008

re-visiting raw

I had lunch with a friend of mine I hadnt seen in a while. She asked if I was still raw and I said 'no not really but...' I didnt know exactly how to respond. I feel like I gained so much from eating raw food. There was that very intense 6 months I did it very strictly when I was detoxing, cleansing, and having a lot of healing work, and then the year or so since (has it been 2? i dont even know?), where Ive been a lot more loose with it (and by loose I even mean at some meals going back to old big meals like lots of pizza heehee all still minus the meat though which for some reason or another stuck).

But even when going back to older foods there is a major major difference and thats that the affinity or energy around those things totally changed. I can eat pizza on occasion or have dessert a few meals a week but its really different than before I dont have that gorging must have need this or else continuous craving.

Looking back it really taught me about moderation and respect for food and my body and myself and has instilled a deep consciousness that doesnt disappear for longer than a few days at a time now, again much like finding center I can divert either way and play with the line but I know how to get back to it and re-energize it and support it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How We Got Started

This blog started as a resource and posting area for our raw food experiment. It's changed over time to a place to gather our feelings, thoughts and stay connected. As shamanic practitioners, we notice the world around us, recognize patterns, connect to our mythic selves. We bridge between the conscious and unconscious, both for ourselves and others.

Raw food was an experiment to shed our masks, to step away from the emotional crutch that food is, and go into the essence. We found ourselves along the way. It was a fine experiment, and one we have learned much from.

We collected recipes, we found our essence. We heard our own soul song, and came out the other end knowing more clearly why we reach for certain foods, and how it effects us. Along the way we lost weight, got off meds, and got happier. If anyone is considering raw food, I'd suggest it for 30 days, as we did. We ended up going nine months. You might too.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008