Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Calcium - when my nails are brittle
EFAs - when I have red cuticles
Folic acid (a B vitamin) - when my tongue is shiny, smooth and sore
Folic acid - when I am feeling weak
Folic acid - when I start bruising easily
Iron - when I crave crunching ice
Iron - when I get restless legs
Iron - when my nails curve up on the ends
Iron - when I get headaches
Iron - when I feel weak or
Iron - when I have difficulty thinking
Iron and/or magnesium - when I have a rapid heartbeat and are short of breath
Lipids - when my skin is dry
Magnesium - when my muscles feel weak
Magnesium - when I have insomnia
Potassium (electrolytes) - when my muscles feel 'tight'
Vit A - if my eyes feel dry, itchy and/or sore
Vit A - when I can't see at night
Vit A - when I get bumps on the backs of my arms
Vit A - when my nails are brittle
Vit B - when I get hangnails
Vit B - complex - when I get irritable
Vit B - complex - when I get ridges in my nails
Vit B - complex - when my nails start to split
Vit B1 - when my legs feel stiff
Vit B12 and B complex - when my arms and legs are tingly
Vit B12 - when I get a sore tongue and/or mouth
Vit B12 - when i get tingling in my hands and/or feet
Vit B12 - when I am unusually pale
Vit B2 - when I see spots
Vit B2 - when my eyes are gritty
Vit B6 - when I get canker sores
Vit C - when I get hangnails
Vit C - when I start to bruise more easily
Vit C - when my face gets puffy
Vit C - when my gums bleed
Vit C - when my teeth feel loose
Vit D - if I am getting a cold
Vit D - when I feel SAD
Vit K - when I have heavy menstral bleeding as it helps with coagulation.
Zinc - when I get white bands or spots on my toenails or my fingernails

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