Thursday, March 29, 2007


0. Add minerals to your water
0. Britta is best
0. Cold water chills the internal organs
0. Cullligan is best
0. Distilled is best
0. Don't drink with meals
0. Drink 8 glasses a day
0. Drink as many ozs as you weigh
0. Drink water before meals
0. Every cell in our body operates off water
0. Floride is good for us
0. Floride is poisoning us
0. Glacier water is best
0. Hot water is better for you
0. Microwaved water is dead water
0. Minerals in the water are bad
0. Minerals in the water are good
0. Reverse osmosis is best
0. Room Temperature water is best
0. Take all the minerals OUT of the water
0. Tap water is poison
0. Tap water is purified
0. Tap water is safe
0. Water can be imprinted with our feelings
0. Water can just be cleared with our intention
0. Water carries a charge
0. Water cleanses us
0. Water helps us digest our food
0. We are 70% water
0. Well water is best
0. Well water is contaminated

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