Monday, July 16, 2012

Is Green Powder the same as Fresh Green?

The 'new' thing is powdered green drinks. They tout 4-6 servings of fresh greens per serving...
But they aren't fresh, are they? They are processed and powdered...pardon me but fresh is

I still think fresh raw green juice is the best thing-but what's happening is we are worried about chemicals, and toxins and whether it's clean enough when we juice it.

So we would rather do processed, powdered and no longer real or fresh...because it's more convenient and safer?

Isn't that just the marketing pile of sh*# that we are trying to avoid by doing the powder to begin with? Hmmmm

Just thinking about it. I bought some actually, and it has stevia in it so you don't 'have to' add apple juice to make it palatable. I hate stevia. I didn't read the fine print.

It still doesn't taste like fresh-not even close to the real thing. But it's convenient. If I were traveling, or on a plane, or out in the wild and unable to eat something fresh, it would do. But a steady diet of it? I'm thinking we are doing ourselves dis-service again.

Why do we have such an aversion to trusting real fresh food?

What is more convenient than cracking a fresh organic egg into your juice shake in the am? Huh? But instead we buy protein powder that tastes like YUK. Oh you can get used to it. That's not the point.

The POINT is that nature made it the best possible way, in the most convenient, beautiful container, and we can't begin to improve on it! Take the apple. Isn't it perfect? Come on. And Strawberries? The color, the shear beauty! THE SMELL! NOTHING is better than fresh, and clean and raw.

Isn't that what we want in the world too? no bad guys? All things in balanced cooperation? So, how about having some balance and cooperation on our plates? It's a small start, that may make a big difference. Your body is the world, your world. Are you at peace?