Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Other People's Rules for Me

I've never really been very good at following other people's rules for me.
Well, let me take that back.

I'm very good at following rules. I was trained to. I have really had to work hard to let myself break rules and experiment.

But where I have trouble is when there are rules and other people tell me I can't break them, but they do.
THAT gets to me.

I think that goes back to kindergarden. It's not fair! How come you get to tell me when I break the rule, but it's ok for you to break the rule and I can't tell you?

Here's a recent example. I got some homeopathic HCG in a spray. It's supposed to reset your hypothalamus so you burn fat. It comes in shots or drops, or in this case, a homeopathic spray. There were 3 of us that were going to do it together. One of the women IS a homeopath-she lasted 3 days.

Rules were eat alot for the first two days, load up 4000 calories a day, then 500 calories a day for the next 26 days. Spray every day, including the load days.
No sugar, limited fat. 1 small apple a day, and no other fruit.
Smack the bottle against the base of your hand 2x before spraying. That's called sucussing.
Spray 2x a day, am and pm.

So, I am having trouble with the loading, I can't eat that much, because of the surgery, but they are both eating cookies and ice cream and stuff. I say "hey I thought it was no sugar?"
Oh no. You can have sugar. I look down at my notes that say no sugar. Really? Maybe I took the notes wrong?

Then I go to spray and I forget the 2x to sucuss and I hit it 10x which is what we do with the flower essences. It's automatic. One of the women is aghast and says 'what are you DOING?! You can't do that!" I say why not? She launches in to why it has to be just 2x. It makes it stronger the more you sucuss it. I'm thinking that's a good thing but ok. No shaking the bottle more than 2x and put it in the list of rules to not be broken. I did that wrong.

Then I see her pulling out her spray throughout the day, not sucussing at all and spraying 4, 5x and more...more than twice a day like the rules say. I say "hey, I thought it was only 2x a day, and only 2 sprays?"

She says, "oh I'm spraying every time I get hungry." and she sprays again to show me.

I say "it doesn't work that way, It isn't going to make you less hungry." She shrugs and sprays again.

In the morning I see her eating grapefruit. I say "I thought we could only have an apple?" She says "I decided I can have grapefruit to help me with the hunger. I read it on the internet somewhere."

Ok so how come she can make up her own rules and I can't? I petulantly stopped and started this morning now that I am home and no one is telling me what I can't do.

For the record-neither lasted the 26 days, but she did last 10 daysdidn't have that much to lose, but she said she was starving all the time-hence all the spraying. I think she might have lost 8 pounds at 500 calories anyway but I am going to give it a shot.

With my own rules, one being that I am spraying as much as I want and two, I am shaking the bottle 10x. And 3, I may or may not adhere to 500 calories. I am going to add the spray and eat what I normally do-which happens to be about 800 to 1200 calories. And I bought grapefruit-just in case. I want my hypothalamus to get the message to burn. I don't care how much I lose really as long as I start to burn. I'm going to do raw pretty much and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.

Trusting Ourselves with Food AGAIN

Why is it so hard to just trust that if we eat natural, organic and whole foods, that our body CAN do what it  is designed to?

Why do we seem to have a basic distrust of ourselves?

I hate to point a finger at mom, but I think as a generation we were raised to be (and our parents too)
on a schedule
and to ignore and override our natural inclinations, likes and dislikes

We were supposed to poop and pee on demand and not pay attention to need. (the idea of sitting on the toilet for hours waiting? You don't know when you have to poop? But you know, many don't. And if they haven't gone first thing in the morning, they stay home and pace until it happens. Their day is ruined. SO much angst around poops...gotta be the original training imprints!)

We were supposed to eat on schedule and whatever was in front of us and not pay attention to our own wants, likes or desires, and eat it ALL.

We were supposed to sleep on a schedule and not recognize when we are tired or overdone. And every night the same with no variety.

We aren't supposed to ever get sick, need to slow down, or listen to ourselves, and if we do something is seriously wrong. Hey, a cold MEANS you are detoxing. It is a sign of overdone and sometimes it's the only way your body CAN get you to stop)

So is it no wonder that we, as a generation and a nation, are still turning to other people to be the experts of us?

Do you LIKE the green super foods? If you LIKE THEM, and they LIKE YOU your body will let you know.

IF you LIKE, oh, chia seeds for instance, or hemp or sunflower seeds, and they LIKE YOU, then eat them, add them to your food and enjoy,not because they are the new superfood, but because you LIKE THEM. And it agrees with you.

RAW food was and is an effort to get back to nature, back to basics, back to food that isn't over chemicaled and over processed.  It was an attempt to simplify, and the posts from other blogs while good information, never seem to say if they LIKE IT. Just what we should be doing and arguing about who has the best super food. I agree, adding them ALL is overkill. And I don't like gogi berries either much, and I don't like INKA berries at all. Ew. I tried them, and regardless of how good they are for me, I don't eat them. But it's good information, and it's worth trying for yourself. Remember when we all tried maca?!

In doing RAWish I discovered the tastes and smells and textures and joy of food again. We can go over intellectual with Raw, and we will miss the benefit. Eating should be a connection to your emotional body. It should satisfy us all the way through. Our body isn't a machine with food being the fuel. If that's what you think you are missing the vital component!

RAWish satisfies me emotionally and nurtures me. It makes me feel good. I feel listened to and I feel full on many levels. I like the cutting and the tasting, the mixing and the smells. It has become a whole process again of feeding myself inside.

I had gotten to a place where I hated to cook. I was overwhelmed with all the no-lists and all the suggested things I was supposed to be doing and I didn't feel good AND I didn't know why.

I was doing the right things and I wasn't feeling it. And I was also doing the wrong things, and worse yet feeling GUILTY about it.

GUILT is a toxic emotion and for many of us it's linked to food. Think about it.

When I started to simplify my foods, adding juicing, and big raw dishes, more vegetables and got back into raw nuts, seeds, grains and away from processed breads and pastas, my body responded. My sleep improved, my skin improved, my energy improved. I stopped worrying about if I was doing the right thing. When I got rid of the rules, and the restrictions and the beliefs that I had to be on a schedule, I got happy.

That concept if something is good for us, MORE is better doesn't apply. With food, less is better. Too much and our digestive system is overwhelmed. But with raw, consistent is good for us. Grazing. But maybe even that-not for everyone.

Eating when we need to, when we feel hungry, isn't something we were generally raised on. The fear of 'being hungry' is what I most often hear people say when they are switching to more raw. Hunger, REAL hunger-most of us have really never known.

A little hungry-good for us! The LDS culture promotes fasting once a week. I'm not mormon, but you know, it's a dang good idea! AND when they have an issue before them, they fast for 24 hours and then pray on it. ALSO a good idea. Get the belly empty to get more insight.

When we do raw, the body doesn't have to work so hard at digesting. We all felt more light, both inside and above. I'm not saying if you want to be spiritual you have to give up meat. LOL Please. If there is one thing we learned, it's the ISH. It all works.

But filling up with more of other people's rules for you isn't what it's about.  Finding out what really does work for you is. So, get into yourself. Really learn to listen, Pay attention to what feeds you! Not what they say you should be doing.

Get over doing it wrong, and experiment. For goodness sake folks, PLAY! And stop taking it all so seriously. I'm going to make my raw juice now. Celery, Romaine, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger and a couple of carrots. That's breakfast for me!

David Wolfe on Superfoods

On youTube there are several videos of David Wolfe talking about superfoods. I haven't watched them yet, but I am planning on it.

They are David Wolfe at Exotic Superfoods in Queens.

Chia Seeds

I add chia seeds to my salads and the dressings. It makes the dressings thick and creamy. Look closely at the chia seeds and the design they have. Very shamanic! I keep mine in the frig and bought them in a sealed package from Good Earth. I'm sure you can get them at Whole Foods too.

I took this info from a site that sells chia seeds. There is more info on the site in an article.

Chia Seeds are THE BEST source of
Omega-3 & Omega-6 essential fatty acids!

These seeds are perfect for diabetics &
people watching or trying to lose weight.

Chia Seeds are also very beneficial to the
heart and extremely high in fiber, calcium, high
quality protein, slowly processed carbohydrates
and loaded with vitamins & minerals and antioxidants!

The health benefits of Omega-3
fatty acids are becoming widely known.

What is not as well known is that the
chia seed is THE BEST source of Omega-3.


Chia seed is high in protein
and high in calcium. 5 times the calcium of milk, 631 mg per 100 grams of seed.

Chia seeds are also high in protein,
with 18 grams per 100 grams of seed.

The optimum ratio of Omega-3 to
Omega-6 should be 3:1.
Chia seed provides that ratio.

Chia seed is hydrophilic.
Absorbing up to 14 times
(Mix @ 9-10 times) its weight in water.
This helps extend energy and endurance.

Chia seed is rich in antioxidant oils.
Chia contains chlorogenic acid, and
caffeic acid as well as myricetin,
quercetin, and kaempferol flavonols.
These compounds are both primary and synergistic antioxidants that contribute
to the strong antioxidant activity of chia.

Chia seed is also low in sodium.
Only 19 mg per 100 grams.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goji Berries

This is from the Edible Goddess Blog

I personally don't really like the taste of goji berries but if they are mixed in something I can eat them.

Top 24 Health Benefits of Goji Berries
June 24, 2010 by Edible Goddess · Leave a Comment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about goji berries. They are sweet little red scrumptious berries that comes to us mostly in dried form or in synergistic Superfood powder blends like Fruits of the Earth. If you’re looking for the ultimate complete raw protein that you can nibble on throughout the day, or, a nutrient-dense addition to your smoothie to start your day off Superhero-style, you’ve found it!
For everything you could ever want to know about the legendary goji berries, I suggest you check out the books: GOJI: The Himalayan Health Secret and David Wolfe’s book, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future!
In preparation for the Radiance and Beauty Superfood Tele-seminar, I read this book + others and feel like it’s my duty to share the top 24 benefits of goji berries (according the this book – and I concur). This is a direct excerpt from the book and just 1 page of reading pleasure about this gorgeous happy berry!
Top 24 Health Benefits of Goji!
1) Extends life, protecting your body from premature aging through its powerful antioxidant action
2) Increases your energy and strength, especially when fighting dis-ease
3) Makes you feel & look younger. Goji stimulates the secretion of hGH (human growth hormone), the ‘youth hormone.’
4) Maintains healthy blood pressure
5) Reduces cholesterol
6) Promotes normal blood sugar in early adult-onset diabetes
7) Enhances sexual function and treats sexual dysfunction
Helps you lose weight
9) Relieves headaches and dizziness
10) Relieves insomnia and improves quality of sleep
11) Supports eye health and improves your vision
12) Strengthens your heart
13) Improves dis-ease resistance
14) Builds strong blood, enhancing production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
15) Supports healthy liver function
16) Treats menopausal symptoms
17) Prevents morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy
18) Improves fertility
19) Strengthens your muscles and bones
20) Improves your memory and recall ability
21) Supports normal kidney function
22) Helps chronic dry cough
23) Alleviates anxiety and stress
24) Promotes cheerfulness and brightens your spirit
Now, I’m sure that there is at least 1 of the 24 benefits that resonates with you. Search out products that contain goji berries and be mindful of the sourcing – don’t buy sugar-laden goji berry juice that looks good on the front of the label but actually is just a bunch of concentrate and/or sugars when you check out the fine print. Buy dried goji berries (Ultimate Superfoods or Sunfood Nutrition) or pick them fresh if you are fortunate to do so.
You know, anyone can grow fresh goji berries… even indoors! To the right you’ll find fresh goji berries that I synchronistically found at the farmer’s market for the 1st time ever, just after I posted this blog. Amazing, right?

Spirulina and Chlorella


Chlorella has been touted as the perfect whole food. Aside from being a complete protein and containing all the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, and the major minerals (with zinc and iron in amounts large enough to be considered supplementary), it has been found to improve the immune system, improve digestion, detoxify the body, accelerate healing, protect against radiation, aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases, help in treatment of Candida albicans, relieve arthritis pain and, because of its nutritional content, aid in the success of numerous weight loss programs.
- Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible

Spirulina's predigested protein provides building material soon after ingestion, without the energy-draining side effects of meat protein; its mucopolysaccharides relax and strengthen connective tissue while reducing the possibility of inflammation; its simple carbohydrates yield immediate yet sustained energy; its GLA fatty acids improve hormonal balance; and its protein-bonded vitamins and minerals, as found in all whole foods, assimilate better than the synthetic variety. Spirulina can generally be considered an appropriate food for those who exercise vigorously, as evidenced by the many world-class athletes who use it
- Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
Chlorella and spirulina have such strong health benefits that even well-known doctors and authors use these products and note their benefits:

It is possible that the GLA found in spirulina and possibly these other products accounts for some of the positive effects that people experience when using them, including decreased appetite, weight loss, and improved energy levels, especially mental energy. I personally have used all of these products and must say I have experienced a subtle increase in mental clarity and alertness (not like a nervous, caffeine-type stimulation). These algae must subtly stimulate our nervous systems or release certain internal neurochemicals that create this "up" feeling.
- Staying Healthy With Nutrition by Elson Haas, M.D.
In all, these two superfoods are effective in not just reversing a long list of serious diseases (discuss in far more detail below), they are powerful health enhancers that demonstrate phenomenal benefits even to people who are in "good" health

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More valuable info from Christian B.

This was posted on the raw meetup site by Vanessa J.

I love boosting my health through therapeutically nutritious elixirs, superfood drinks, and tonic herbs and occasionally doing a fast or cleanse on them, and I really hope you do to or will start to today.

And yet I see so many people doing the second best thing, which is trying get their trace nutrients from green vegetable juice only.

May I be frank and bold? There are countless raw food healing centers and raw food coaches that are promoting a diet that is basically just fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and therapeutic amounts of green vegetable juice. Their primary strategy for mineralization and cleansing comes from doing green vegetable juices. Let me explain why this “old school” method will give you some initial or short term results but will ultimately deprive you of vitality and common sense. In fact, it’s a downright short sighted approach. I will explain…

I have been an “all raw” raw foodist for over 7 years, and at one time I did 18 months of a half gallon of fresh vegetable juice every day. After the first 9 months of this, I hit my first “wall” where I just couldn’t do that much bulk intake of alkaline vegetable minerals. So, I started diluting my juices by putting herbal tea through my juicer after I ran the vegetables so that my juice was about 50% green juice (fresh pressed organic store-bought produce including celery, cucumbers, lemons, limes, parsley, cilantro, dandelion, ginger, grass, etc.) and about 50% tea (a few tonic herbs like reishi mushroom, yerbe mate, YogiTea blends). I did this unconsciously just as a way to help clean my juicer, not really realizing what I was doing and where I was headed with the tonic herbs approach. I also amended my green juices with green powders like Vitamineral Green and Crystal Manna.

After about 9 months of the 50/50 juice, I hit another “wall” where I just could not have more than a few sips before I felt loopy. I kept trying to drink lots of green juice but it only got me “stoned with alkalosis.” Had I continued, I might have developed an allergy to juiced store bought produce. What had happened is that I was putting myself into acute alkalosis: too much alkalinity from the juice lasting about two hours as my body had already become more neutral in pH normally (by detoxing the acids and restoring my alkaline mineral balance).

When you first get into organic styles of cleansing or go raw, you might be coming from a background (and we all come from this background) of eating poor food choices and being exposed to toxins that put an excess of acids in our body. So when we first do lots of green juice (alkaline minerals), we go from acidic to neutral pH for the few hours after having the drink. Our body should be approximately neutral in pH as a normal state of health when we wake up in the morning. If we do effectively detox and bring in the minerals as our long term protocol, then our body will eventually become more neutral in pH, and if we continue to do a lot of green vegetable juice, then eventually we will hit a “wall” like I did, and go from neutral to over-alkaline for the few hours after having the drink. We can see in this case that green juice is medicine, and should not necessarily be a “meal” we have every single day, forever.

The big issue with green vegetable juice is that it is only one “food group” and it is usually hybridized, store bought greens (cultivars that did not exist a thousand years ago) as opposed to wild greens. Therefore a store bought vegetable juicing person is still actively addicted to agriculture and domestication, which majorly lacks virility, certain minerals and immunomodulatory substances.

Enter > Longevity Elixirs. If I had to do the last 7 years all over again, I would have done a lot more longevity elixirs and about a fourth the vegetable juice that I did. These Superfood Beauty Elixirs contain any of the following deeply rejuvenating substances:

Aloe vera (fresh gel), algaes (blue green, chlorella, spirulina), acerola berry, amla berry, camu camu berry, cacao, coconut water kefir, goji berries, HealthForce Nutritionals blends like Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth, maca, marine phytoplankton, medicinal mushroom extracts like Reishi, MSM, noni, sea vegetables like kelp, shilajit, spring water and a variety of tonic herb extracts or teas containing (asparagus root, cat’s claw, dandelion root, ginseng, gynostemma, he shou wu, horse tail, more of the many medicinal mushrooms like chaga, nettles, shizandra berry ~ all available from Mountain Rose Herbs).

These foods have a much richer variety of minerals and nutrients than green juice vegetables and do not have the overly-alkaline kick that green juice has, but do deliver alkaline minerals deep into your body. You will heal your tissues, immune system, nervous system, skin and organs much more profoundly with this “tonic elixir” approach.

To clarify, these foods and herbs that I mention are about a much more refined approach to nourishing each system of the body, and to promote longevity and clarity. If you are already doing a lot of green juice or sweet green smoothies, then consider this a wake up call from someone who has already gone down that road and who sees the capped health results in the “gurus” who promote these “simple raw diet” approaches. I hope you see the love behind my boldness on this issue; no judgement.

I recommend looking at the food you put in your body as something that should be more wild and medicinal. Pretend you are the shamans from each of the worlds multi-thousand-of-herbs ancient herbal systems (African traditions, Amazonian, Ayurvedic, Aboriginal….and that’s just the A’s). As a shaman, what would you advise people to heal themselves with? Juice of California-grown carrots? Not likely. You would prepare for them your top 3 to 7 exotic tonic herbs and foods that together work on the person’s body, mind and spirit.

If you were a Meso-American shaman, you might recommend a drink made from the local tonic goods: fresh aloe vera gel, blended with spring water, acerola berry, stevia to taste, sea salt, spirulina, and vanilla – all of which are foods that one can now easily acquire online and from their local natural food store and prepare in a blender. This drink (and we will unveil many more detailed recipes in our upcoming eBook on Superfood Beauty Elixirs) will restore the youthfulness of your skin and joints, boost your mood, create an outstanding immune system….and can be consumed daily – forever – without going into alkalosis.

In your health quest, keep doing what works for you. Just make sure to keep trying and adding in an evermore top quality variety of superfoods, herbs, wild foods and garden grown salads so that you will always be updating your protocol, staying innovative (which is what we do with everything else in our life, especially technology, and preparing food is a technology). By trying new things and displacing the old, you will never get stuck in health dogma, or be lured for very long by the less-than-healthiest teachers out there. I do support everyone on a raw-related path as our hearts are all in the right place. Let’s just make sure that we eschew last year’s or even last decade’s ideas and stay on the leading edge of health as we discover the secrets of longevity together!

Your Friend in Cutting Edge Health Mastery

This was written by Christian Bates who I met seven years ago at the beggining of his journey.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is this really organic?

ABC news ran this rather interesting profile on Organic foods from China and Whole Foods and how they are NOT inspected the way one would think, and not to our standards even though they have the 'stamp of approval'. Buyer beware looms again.

The 365 label at Whole Foods-next time you go turn the packages over and in small print you'll find "product of china".

Thanks Kathy for sending this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Benefits of Conscious Eating

One of the things that adding more raw to my daily food did was bring me to an awareness of my own eating patterns, and connected me to the language of my body. By that I mean that our body only has the means of physical signals to communicate with 'us' - the conscious self that thinks it knows or  can figure out everything. I realized I had used food to numb myself out to that communication forever.

When I began to eat with conscious awareness, I noticed how I felt both before and after I ate. I realized I really did have a reaction to wheat that made me congested and my nose feel swollen. I had NEVER noticed before. I no longer have that reaction with wheat, but I don't much care for it. I have CHOSEN to not eat it, rather than feeling like I can't eat it.

Now for some people that have never had food issues, that may well be normal for them. But, remember I used to weigh 300 pounds, and though it was 20 years ago now, it seems like yesterday sometimes, when  I am reminded of what it felt like to be overwhelmed by my own body, and feeling betrayed and confused by it as if it were a stranger to me and I was trapped inside.

I will see someone struggling in an airplane seat and instantly recall the feel of the armrests against my sides as I would attempt to make myself smaller so I didn't invade someone else's space, energetically apologizing for being me.By the same token,  I still marvel when I click a seatbelt around me in the airplane now and have to pull it tighter - that it really is me. When the gentleman in the aisle in front asked for a seatbelt extender I instantly remembered having to ask for one myself once and the shame that washed over me as I did. I was 8 months pregnant, but the withering look the flight attendant shot me, shaming to the bone.

So raw food is the first thing that seems to have freed me from so many of the misunderstandings I had about how and why I ate. I thought I was eating to numb out, but really I was eating to fill up a void that was an aching painful emptiness. I was already numb. I was trying to feel. I was trying to wake myself up and bring myself back in by chewing and crunching.

Notice for yourself as you eat more raw, and clear yourself out, and wake yourself up, how you really feel. And if I can suggest one thing: don't be afraid of the feelings. We are feeling beings. That's why we are here. LET yourself feel.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you haven't found hemp seeds yet, go get some on your next trip to Whole Foods. They are high in protein, 65% globulin and have ALL the amino acids. All of them. It's a balanced blend of omega 3 and 6, and the richest known source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. And they taste good too!

2 TBS of hemp seeds packs a whooping 11 grams of protein! 

I'm going to try hemp butter next time instead of peanut butter if I can find it.  

You can eat them raw, ground, sprouted or turned into milk like you do almond milk.
I made some raw snacks and rolled them in hemp seed for a nutty coating. They turned out great. I would post the recipe but it was a Sunday mess and who could repeat it? 

Get out the processor. Put into it any dried fruit and nut combo you want. i added peanut butter to moisten and then after processing it together formed into balls and rolled in hemp seed. Had them all week to take to work and to snack on. Easy!

More and More Rawness

I'm on the east coast at the moment, and every day someone comes in and says "I'm juicing" or "I'm doing green smoothies" or "I'm eating more organic".

Well well! Bit by bit we are waking up. People are fed up with feeling lousy. We are no longer willing to have low energy and low libido for life!

Truth is I can see it in the glow in their skin and the sparkle in their eyes. They come in lighter, and freer and they are becoming curious about this 'raw' stuff.

I'm enjoying these raw snacks I found at Whole foods. They are similar to what Catherine Ann has made. My favorite is called 'raisin brittle" and is sunflower seeds, raisins, pumpkin seeds and coconut. They are called "Smart Treat" and are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. So if you miss a crunchy something, they fit the bill, although not salty.

I've been doing more raw again while here. Taking lettuce rollups to work, and making various concoctions again. We all wonder why we stop when we do but I think it's because it feels so good when we get back to it again! We come to appreciate it even more.

We are retraining a lifetime of ingrained habits and traditions of generations! Be gentle with yourself.

Allow yourself to eat-and don't guilt. No need to get hungry. Throw out the rules about eating on a schedule and eat when your body tells you to. Trying to eat on a schedule is like trying to poop on a schedule. You poop when your body is done with the the processing, and not before.

By the way-same thing with issues. Just thought I would throw that in. Everything has it's right moment. No use sitting and straining over stuff that isn't ready to come out. Trust your body!

Pay attention to how you feel with every bite so you can let your body teach you what you've missed before! It's doing the best it can with what we were giving it and frankly it's been doing a great job under the toughest of circumstances. Talk about lack of recognition!

It's never too late to be who you've been waiting for!