Saturday, December 30, 2006


My father has been dead for 21 years. I have rarely dreamt of my father. He was a big, overpowering energy that even dead seemed too much for me. A few times he would show up and not talk. That was always a surprise because he {like me) talked alot. I always wanted him to say something. He never has.

A few years ago he started trying to reach me through psychics, not me going for readings, but him coming to psychics and me finding out. You all know that story of "John Edward" and my father so I won't go into it again.

This morning my father's hands were clearly before me, just his hands. He had big distinctive hands, and he was opening a trifold black leather wallet. Slowly, deliberately.

Inside he had a small, old school picture of me, which he pulled out so I could see it,as if he were showing it quite deliberately to me, and a piece of paper, torn at the edges that said, "I love you" scrawled in his very distinctive handwriting. They had been tucked inside. His hands moved slowly, clearly.

Next I saw a woman's purse. Not mine. Not anyone's I know. And I heard a voice, my own, as I said to you all, "the mesa holds their "sweet babies", their cu-yas. Medicine people carry it wiith them everywhere and it holds what is most precious and sacred." I saw again my father's hands, slowly and deliberately opening a wallet.

And it was done and I realized I was awake, laying in bed. I saw in my mind's eye, his hands slowly unfolding the wallet, one way and then the other, again, and then the woman's purse.

My father never carried a wallet. He never had pictures of us with him. He had odd scraps of paper and loose coins and money. His pockets were a mess with keys and receipts falling out. He never had a wallet. But in the dream, he did, and in it was a picture of me, little, and that scrap of paper. We would give him wallets, try to tidy him up, but he refused. He once said that if he lost a wallet he would lose everything at once, and he felt safer having something in every pocket. Ah! I get it!

I realized too that the wallet unfolded much like a slimmed down version of a mesa bundle. And a woman's purse too. Are they our modern, unconscious versions of the "mesa"? We carry them with us. We have inside them what we might need in our daily lives.

Do we honor what we have inside?
Does it hold what is most prescious to us?
What do you have in your purse or your wallet?
What do you with you everyday, everywhere you go?
Is you purse like your mesa? What would it take for it to be?
What would it take for us to be that clear that we carry close to us only what is most precious?

Friday, December 29, 2006


Here is another great site for wheatgrass everything! From the juicers to books, from seeds to you name it.
It's amazing what is available to us!


This site has kits for growing mushrooms-NOT that kind of mushroom! But I recall my parents getting a mushroom growing kit one year and they raved about how many mushrooms they harvested and for how long! They really enjoyed it. So, if you are looking for a really different sort of gift, remember mushrooms! I thought of it a few years ago and couldn't find a site.

BTW-I just read that SPROUTS are way economical. Seeds will produce up to 15% more than their weight in sprouts which can cost as little as 25¢ a pound! Baby plants. I started some mason jars with lentils day before yesterday and I have sprouts about 1 inch today. The thing is to remember to rinse them but if I do them in the morning, and then in the evening, that's it.

If you are by a JAMBA, get a wheatgrass shot. It costs a buck or so. Really worth it. Kathy, I hear we have a place up here called BOOSTERS? Do you know it?


As you register, do tell us something about yourself in the profile pages as not all of you know each other, and we will have 4 shamans joining from out of state that will be working via video-connect with me and connecting to you with the BLOGGER.

Up on the top of the new post page is a link that says Dashboard. Click on that, and add some information for each other about yourself!

And as you post, do remember to add the appropriate labels-at the bottom of your post page. Add your name, and then any that fit, or add a new category. It will make sorting easier later. So, recipes, resources, humor, video, whatever your post is about, shamanism, beliefs, fears. Let it rip!

Also, on the side are group lists that have been started.
Goals (I started this, but what are your goals?)
Fears (voice of the gremlins)
Symptoms (some are mine, some are ones you all mentioned in class)
Questions to ask myself (I added those great ones that Rebecca started us off with)

You can click on the little blue thing that looks like a bottle (hey what can I say) and add yours if it is anything different from what is already there. I think it's supposed to be a wrench? Anyway, glad to have you Romedy!

Thursday, December 28, 2006



5 ripe tomatoes
1/4 cucumber (about 2 inches or so)
1/4 red bell pepper
1 clove of garlic, or a good spoonful if you are using jar garlic
some cayenee-to taste
some olive oil-about 1 TBS should do it

throw it all in a blender and hit the high button until it's smooth
Let it sit in the fridge. This gets better the next day, like the cranberry relish.

Add sesame seeds or sunflower seeds when you eat it for crunch
and salt and pepper

When you are ready to eat it, add:
cut up avocado
cut up cucumber
cut up tomatoes or tiny cherry tomatoes
a dash more olive oil on top
some parsley...oh boy!


Transitioning to RAW

"Your food shall be your remedies, and your remedies shall be your food." -- Hippocrates

So, what do we need to go raw, or transtition to raw?
First, a new mindset.
RAW-just means natural. Not cooked, baked, steamed or fried. Not grilled, boiled or sauted.
Wow-that means LESS WORK for me. I like that since I've been phasing out of cooking for awhile.

We can chop, soak, stir, marinade, ferment. We can dip, we can dunk. We can wrap, we can crunch, we can chew.
Sounds simple.

It really is mostly finger food-so fewer dishes to wash! Yeah! And you can chop and clean a lot and store it in the fridge ahead. Or, like me, I bought it cut and ready the first week so I wasn't overwhelmed. I was surprised how easy it was.

A blender-most of us have that.
A knife and cutting board. Again, most of us have that too.
A juicer-well if you have it, great. If not, to be real honest, for 30 days you can fly with the blender. So it's thicker! Call it soup, call it a slurpee, and drink it! :)

That's all gaspacho is-cold vege soup. You can add some hot water if you want it warm.
Or if you have a double boiler, do that to warm it a bit.

We are going to have to look at our habits though. And that's exactly why we are doing this together.
What do I reach for without thinking about? And catch yourself. And notice that you can catch yourself.

If it's sweets, substitute the dried fruits and dates. They worked great for me.

Variety and novelty help me. I don't want to get bored, and thinking that all I am ever going to be able to have
is a carrot and a salad will do me in before I start! I have to know that I can be delighted with food and that it is plentiful and that I don't have to suffer. If I were you, I would reframe the idea of that salad. And you know what? I haven't eaten a "salad" for a week. I 've had rollups with my lettuce, I've done all sorts of other things, but a bowl of lettuce? Nah. Too boring. Ew.

Think outside of that box girls! Let's come up with some knockout recipes!

1. find the story that has stopped you
2. find the fear that fuels the story that has stopped you
3. ask how old you are (when that fear is up) and
4. then grow her up! (you know how-we went over it in class)

It's funny because I nibbled my broccoli today, and it was all cooked and in some sort of sauce, and even though it was light, it has left me lethargic and with a headache now. Bummer. Was it worth it? I'm sad I caved that much! It was definitely NOT worth it!

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

I ate some of this soup when I got home last night, its very tasty.

2 tablespoons unsalted butter....I think you could sub Olive Oil
1 cup chopped yellow onion
1/2 cup sliced celery ribs and leaves
1 large butternut squash, peeled and cut into cubes
1 small apple, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
6 cups chicken stock or vegetable stock or just water
2 cinnamon sticks or 2 teaspoons ground
6 whole cloves or 1/8 teaspoon ground
6 allspice berries or 1/8 teaspoon ground
Salt Freshly ground black pepper
Chopped fresh chives, for garnish
Sour cream, for garnish

Place a large saute' pan over medium-high heat and add butter or Olive Oil.
Add onion and celery and saute' for about 5 minutes until softened. Place the squash and apples in the slow cooker. Add stock
Cover and cook on low for about 6 hours until squash and apples are quite tender. If using whole cinnamon, cloves and allspice, place in a coffee mill or a mortar and pestle and grind into a coarse powder. About 30 minutes before serving, add ground spices to cooker.
Using a handheld blender, carefully pure'e soup until somooth. Season with salt and pepper.
Ladle into bowls and garnish with chives and a dollop of sour cream.

Now Terry cooked this in a pan on the stove it took about an hour. I think this would be fun to try by just leaving it in chunks or just mashing it slightly. It really had some interesting flavors and I could see how mixing other things like pears and cayenne would be interesting.


Ok girls, we have our first affliiate, and I am giving it to YOU for participating in our project!

The link at the top of our BLOG will pay us back 5% for any orders that come through the link here.

I suggest we put that into a group pot, and use that for doing group things, like hiring someone to teach a day long raw cooking class, or come up with another idea? I'm open.

It can go towards a fieldtrip or something else you can think of that would be fun.

So, take a look, and any purchases will come back to us!

Join the Raw Food Revolution

Pretty cool! They have everything, including videos, books, rebounders, herbal cleanses, all sorts of things.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Here's another OLD one from my days of cooking. My husband asked me to make this yesterday - "since you are going raw, will you make your salsa again?". Yep! I used to make a batch every week, they liked it that much. Like I said, this is getting me back into things I forgot about. I love it!

4-5 large tomatoes (I used to use a can of stewed tomatoes in a pinch)
1/2 green pepper, removing the stem, and cut into hunks
1/2 sm yellow zuccini (optional, or I use any other vege around. green zuc, yellow bell pepper)
1 onion, peeled and quartered
2 tsp jalapenos (fresh use less. If you have a far of them in the fridge, use those. Pickled are ok I think, aren't they?)
2-3 cloves garlic
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Oregano, salt, pepper, cayenne to taste

Squish the tomatoes to get the juice into the bottom of the blender, add the lemon juice, then add everything else so there is enough liquid to get it to whir!
Coarse pulse chop in the blender or food processor just to cut everything up. Don't do it too long-you don't want mush. The textures of this is what is so satisfying I think.

Use on everything! Take this to work in a small plastic bowl to use as salad dressing or with those raw veges.
Rebecca, start taking large romaine lettuce leaves to work and you can make wraps!

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all"
- Harriet Van Horne


This is one of my family's favorites, and I've made it for years starting at Thanksgiving. It's really simple and raw! Usually it is made with a cup of white sugar.
THIS TIME I substituted 5 dates for that 1 cup of sugar with amazing results!

1 package raw fresh cranberries
2 juicy oranges, peeled.
add more fresh orange juice to taste-depending on your oranges, and to get that right consistency of relish
5 pitted dates.

Whir these all up in the blender or processor on low, or pulse just to coarse chop. Best if you let it sit 24 hours, and it ages well.
Use on anthing including meats!
As a vege dip-awesome. Salad dressing, in a roll up, you name it. I used to like it on eggs as omelet stuffing.
Cranberries freeze well, so I always buy 3-4 packages this time of year because stores only bring them in for the Holidays.


Granola Recipe

I love this granola, but in looking at it geez, you have to back it so I guess it wouldn't be considered raw. I will give it to you as a transition recipe maybe. Any way for what its worth. You might be able to make the recipe and just leave it raw.


5 cups oats
1 cup bran
3/4 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup wheat flakes
1 cup toasted almonds....I am sure you could just soak the almonds
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup craisins

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
In a large bowl, combine the first 5 ingredients and set aside
In a small pan, heat the vegetable oil and honey over medium heat (DO NOT BOIL)
Remove from heat and add vanilla
Pour warm honey mixture over the dry ingredients, stir to coat
Grease a 9x13 inch baking pan
Pour granola into the pan and bake for 20 minutes or until toasted, stirring occasionally
Remove from the oven and cool, stirring frequently to prevent sticking
Add the craisins.


I wrote an editorial on LIGHT LINXX this morning, and thought I would continue the thoughts here when I segued into our shamanic eating experiment.

"We're drowning in a sea of riches, and starving from lack of a reason for it. An instinctive sense of meaning has been lost, a void that we barely understand, yet feel intensely." CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE they say in this article from GreenStar, a non profit organization intent on bringing technology to all. You can read more about them at GREENSTAR.ORG because they are uniting some pretty interesting people.

Anyway! As shamanic practitioners of modern society we are the mixers, the weavers. We walk in both worlds, and are finding a way to bring it to the hearts and minds of western man and woman. We are leading the way back to the natural ways and into a balance with the planet and within ourselves WHILE living in a modern world.

So it stands to reason our next step is to find that balance within our bodies and the food that feeds the body, and food that truly feeds the body feeds the soul. We are going to be feeding our souls. How cool is that? It is awesome!

Come into this month of eating naturally, eating indigenously, eating to find a way to feed yourself, and understand it is not about deprivation in the least!

Come into this without reading labels or counting or weighing anything or measuring, because what you choose to buy is without a label! It's grown, it's fresh, it's living. This is living food. This isn't raw. This is natural. This is accessible nutrition. (Ok, some of the dried and dehydrated is packaged, but don't split hairs, you know what I mean!), and do your food preparation as a meditation. When I said that Christmas day I was in the kitchen all day, it wasn't a complaint! I enjoyed it!

I hadn't realized how much I had missed the art of food. Food had become an enemy, something I didn't trust anymore. Food confused me. It baffled me. I ate because I had to, but it didn't feed me anymore. It hadn't for a long long time!

I looked around at all the color and the lifeforce in my shopping cart, and then on my kitchen counters, and realized how much I had missed it! Food preparation is an art! Come into this as an expression of your art, and the love you have inside yourself. So, as your art and self expression has developed in your mesas each week, let that now come out into your kitchens~we get to marinade, and soak and spice! Let this become a joy, and not a torture or to be survived. It so isn't that sort of engagement!

See, diets have become synonomous with deprivation. Something to survive, or endure so that we can "go back to" or "go off". And that's NOT what this is about. This is about clearing our palletes, much like clearing the mastana.

What is the story of the food, or food group, what is the fear connected to it that keeps you locked in it?
So, as shamans we walk INTO the fear to get to the other side, and call our power back to us. We ride it, and then it no longer owns us. The journey to the other side is empowering.

When we moved I donated all my "sets" of china and dishes. Maybe that was about turning 50 and getting rid of the rules about matching sets. I don't know, but I was tired of worrying about maintaining matching stuff. I was tired of the rules and the limits. Lot's of things happened when I got rid of the dishes but that's another story.

I went to Ross and TJ Maxx and bought random bowls and plates of all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors, and continue to whenever I see one that catches my eye. They are cheap, sometimes as little as 50¢. I love the art of them, and the expression. I look for handpainted, I look for color! I buy fluted, and square, I buy like a child, looking for what delights me, and nothing is ever more than $3.00. I only buy one of any design. I buy as if my plates are my mastana cloth. Understand me?

My family has come to enjoy them too, and if a plate chips I put them under my plants, or use them for the pets. The world is full of beautiful plates! In nature we might pick a beautiful leaf to eat from-would we lament that the leaf is gone? No. We know that the jungle is full of beautiful leaves, and there are more. We want to combat the habit of scarcity and hoarding and get back to feeling supported, and it can start with little things.

When I made breakfast this morning, I began to bring out COLOR to add to my plate, not food groups, or calories, not carbs or proteins, I brought out color and texture and moved it on my plate like I move things in my mesa! It is so freeing!

I cut up half an avocado, I added a handful of blueberries and some blackberries. I pealed a tangerine and added a wedge of lemon. It's gorgeous! I felt that I needed some grains this morning, so I poured some natural granola in a small fluted blue stone bowl, and added some orange juice. It had cranberries in it, and almonds and I cut up some fresh mango. I sprinkled some shredded coconut on it too! It started to feed me AS I ASSEMBLED IT! That's what our food should do. Did it take alot of time? No way. it was playful and beautiful and a delight to do. I was already eating it as I prepared it! That is mindfulness. That is food as art.

We purchase processed foods to speed things up. Why? What are we doing with that extra time we are saving? Are we doing something valuable like connecting to people? Or are we sitting in front of a television? Are we reaching into the earth and planting flowers, and taking magnificent walks, or are we convinced that it's better to exercise in a gym and have we been convinced that sunshine is harmful? As we walk into one societal fear and limitation, we will wake up to others, and trust me, we will laugh as we go!

Ya think this is why the Gnostics called him the "Laughing Jesus"?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I get what Rebecca says about "carrots", although I do like them.

In one of the cookbooks she has this snack conversion chart for cravings. Silly me, I thought she was going to have something useful.
If you crave carrots. She obviously doesn't get that carrots and chocolate are not universally interchangeable.

Sorry. That is NOT a substitute. But I will tell you, that what does work is the dates. If I want something sweet, I have one or two of the dates and wham. The craving is totally satisfied. And today, one was too much. It tasted SO sweet it was just way too much. But in the first few days- way helped.

So wait a minute, I can't have yogurt? I have cut out all cheese, with no problem once I had the visual of the spoon fixed firmly in my mind. But no to yogurt too? Hmmmm. Well, that's next. I was just adding yogurt. Thought it was fair. Dang it.

But you know, those Beduoins lived on yak and goat milk products. Course, that's NOT cow. Got it. Ok ok. I hear you about the dairy.

What do you mean about vinegar? No vinegar either? It's fermented. Not cooked. Lots of things call for vinegar...

As to the hot food addiction, I have been adding hot spices, and it works for me! And too, that is why I made the pot of raw soup, and I drink the hot lemon water. I thought it would be more of a problem than it has been though. Another thing is today I can feel a marked difference in how much I want to eat. I don't want nearly as much. Satisfaction reigns with much smaller amounts. I have had to remind myself today to eat. My body is shifting to a whole different place.

Black Bean Relish

Hi Everyone,
Now I haven't made it to the all raw stage yet, working on it though. How do you spell dairy addiction....I am also addicted to hot food. I have already had some revelations in regards to how I have not taken charge in my life and let my husband take the power seat of what I ate. He is a excellent cook and loves creating food dishes but in my life at not cooking much anymore I found how much I have given up. So this is changing as well. You should have seen his face when I refused a big meal full of all kinds of fish or tofu, for Christmas dinner. I must confess I did eat four shrimp with my lettuce. I did have roasted veggies, I was very satisfied with my Christmas dinner. As I have been thinking of dishes that are raw that I like I remembered a dish that Terry would fix with Spicy BQ Shrimp...but you can forgo the Shrimp and just have the Black Bean Relish so here is the recipe. I was thinking that there was vinegar with this, but surprise nope. I just love this stuff...I know that the beans are canned but what can I say....
They sell something like this at Wild Oats is very good as well.

Black Bean Relish

4 cups black beans, drained and rinsed...canned
2 cups corn kernels, cut from the cob or frozen corn(thawed)
1 red bell pepper, finely chopped
2 large cloves garlic, minced or 1 teaspoon miced garlic
2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and finely minced
1/2 bunch scallions (green onions), minced
1.4 cup chopped cilantro leaves
2 limes, juiced
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients and stir to mix well. Season the black bean relish with salt and pepper. Finish the black bean relish with the copped cilantro


Well well well!
Jason Vale is a man who cured his own got it...through laetrile-eating apricot pits.
He has apparently gone on to help many many others-and he was sentenced to prison for his efforts.
Not the first time society has done that eh? Look at history. Weren't all the scientists ridiculed and sometimes imprisoned and killed for going against the standard?

VALE SENTENCED TO 63 MONTHS FOR SELLING "FALSE CANCER CURE"-LAETRILE and another one:ARMWRESTLING CHAMP IMPRISONEDwhich is also about Vale. Apparently too, this was his 3rd round with cancer.

Read these articles and have a chuckle at our government! The cancer industry is a 200 billion dollar industry. They feel threatened by this? They faulted Vale for having made $500,000 and ordered him to REPAY the state the $31,000 it cost THEM to prosecute HIM! What a laugh is that! :)

I wasn't looking for this either. I was asking if we can sprout rice and how, and this came up. You think the Universe is wanting me to notice something? LOL

Now to be fair I also just found this:CLICK FOR PUB MED which has several short entries about cyanide poisoning. One case since 1979, and a clinical trial. But you know, they are saying that it is dangerous-but every single cancer therapy is life threatening. Look what radiation and chemo do to a healthy person? Fascinating.

What do they say-argue for your limitations and you can have them?
It just seems to me a lot of legal governmental fuss over a few health nuts that want to eat apricot seeds, you know? I mean, what's the big fuss about? Why the big threat? And the big stick? Could it be because laetrile works as a preventative measure? Nah. That would be too bizarre wouldn't it! Can you imagine that!

Did you know that the FDA is purported as saying that they will put 80% of their budget into shutting people like Vale down for selling false hope. Ok, so what is true hope? We are not allowed to believe that it is possible to heal in any other way? By any other means? interesting...

Welcome to Jacquie B and Empress Cat

Hello hello hello! Rebecca and I are so glad to have you both join in as authors, which means you can post and comment and are going to participate in our grand experiment as master Shamans and full mesa carriers! This is a place for you to voice, whether it's a scream or a whisper, how things are going for you, what you notice, what comes up, what you discover, and what you want to share, as well as what you need. We have a few more that are supposed to register, and as they do, we will welcome them too.

We are going to support each other in this quest into ourselves, as we go raw for 30 days, and use the tools we have, on all levels.

So why shamanic students? Because we are already exploring a deeper connection to ourselves. We are already journeying inwards, and we are already forging those voices to ourselves. We also each noticed we wanted to touch a place we had yet to explore, and we volunteeered dang it! :) It's our idea!

For the moment we have been posting about recipes, and links to supportive articles and information. But when this begins, we will be going into our body-emotion connections and the art of who we are. We may unravel and we may find bliss. And it could be both or a complete bust. Who knows? As John Travolta said in "Look Who's Talking" when he held up the labelless can of food "Could be peaches could be beans, we don't know til we open it!" (or something close to that).

So for all of you what are the fears, if any that really come up when you think about this?
Underneath the excitement of doing it, what else is there? Empress, you said it triggered a chocolate binge.
Rebecca, you mentioned going without meat, I know I had the issue of not getting enough protein that I talked about.
Another one for me that I heard in my head last week was "how am I going to get enough calcium?"
And what happens if we get those dreaded food cravings and withdrawal. I mean, this is suppsed to be so hard, and so difficlut, and we may get sick and feel awful as our body detoxes...

Um. I'm 8 days in now and I feel great BTW. But, I haven't had a soda in 16 years, and I don't eat many carbs anyway because of the bypass I had 16 years ago. But! I ate a lot of protein! I was a big big meat eater, and I had to look hard at "what if I get anemic again" because that wasn't any fun. Can I get enough iron? I went in and researched it. :)


Rebecca asked "isn't there cyanide in apple seeds, and isn't that bad for us?", and it made me realize that I wanted more clarity on the whole cyanide-appleseed issue, which makes me go in and surf for more information on the net, and check inside myself for what I believe.

Thetahealing and shamanic studies is alot like surfing GOOGLE. The answers you get depend on the question you ask, and we know from data searches that changing one word may get you a whole new set of information! One of the things I realize is that when I have enough information to ask the question, that's when the information is available to me too. Before I can think of the question, the information may be there, but I can't access it. It doesn't make sense YET.

Our experiment is about myth-busting.
It's about identifying our limiting beliefs concerning food, health and our bodies, so that over the coming weeks, we start to notice what comes up in our thoughts, emotions and feelings. These are the emotions and fears that the media and world at large has coded into us, whether through movies, health articles, well meaning friends and family or the collective. We are naturally sponges. What exactly is it we have soaked up?

Come on folks! We are being programmed to be fat, and sick. Oh wow, maybe that sounds too radical and controversial. Ok. Let me tone that down. We may be accidentally being programmed to be fat and sick. Oh wait. That't still sounding judgmental.

But we know that TV and media in general is a mass trance mechanism, and we know that from the marketing industry. Why would companies pay multi-millions to get their name in front of the public, to get them to buy their product, if the media DID NOT influence decision making?

Based on that, why would pharmaceutical companies spend big bucks to market an anti-nausea chemotherapy med in a main-stream women's magazine, double spread, bald thin model and all, if they didn't think it would INCREASE their sales? That scares the shit out of me! And no one else even seems to notice it.

What if we are being lead into mainsteaming cancer? Just suppose? Increasing the business bottom line means MORE PEOPLE are sick. If we can be programmed to be sick because it makes more business sense and profit sense, to me it means that OF COURSE we can be programmed to be healthy too! What do you choose? Simple. But that would be quackery. And we wouldn't want to do that would we?

Why do we believe in what "the experts" say, MORE THAN our own body wisdom? Because we have disconnected from ourselves. We have stopped trusting ourselves, so let's say this is an experiment in trust. Wow. That's putting a different spin on it for me!

What if we begin to ask different questions? What if we begin to simply address the things we automatically believe about food and what is supposed to be good for us, and what is supposed to be bad for us? Then, look at it, and notice how your body feels.

I'm not saying change what you believe. I AM saying QUESTION what you believe and who you trust. And don't trust me either! Don't give away your power. You've heard me say that more than once in class, I know. It isn't the meteorite or the feather or the crystal that has "power". Remember. The real magic feather is YOU! Trust yourself! Research, take it into your OWN body, and then, make a rational adult choice for yourself. What do you CHOOSE to believe. That's what waking up is about. From a mythological standpoint I find it fascinating that it was an APPLE that Eve bites to begin the journey of awakening and conscious responsiblity. Don't you?

So soap box aside and back to the issue that started this-appleseeds and cyanide.
Dr. Ernest Krebs, back in 1950, was a biochemist that isolated a compound he called "laetrile" or B17. In 1974 Dr. Griffin took it up with his book and video, and says that cancer is simply a deficiency disease like scurvy and that modern diets have stripped us of the chemicals we need to naturally combat cancer. Um, both these men were less than popular with their peers. Take a look what happened to them.
Dr Sugiura was fired for refusing to falsify his research results with Sloane Kettering Cancer Institute.
And what are nitrilosides anyway? Vitamin B17. The Hunzas have never had a case of cancer. Take a look at what their most prized food is!

So, vitamin B17 is illegal. It is considered quackery. It is the controversial therapy people go out of the country to obtain. On the internet you can find all kinds of information though. Here's a site that will tell you specifically how much B17 one needs to take or eat a day. 3 apples a day, seeds and all. Done. Keep it simple. This particular site can be overwhelming. Let's make a pact to keep it simple. Shamanic traditions are simple. The HUNZA-simple. The Qero-simple.

So, as shamanic students we walk into our fears. Look where the fear is and what have we been encoded to fear? Remember THE VILLAGE? If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch it because it is all about the deliberate installation of fear to control a community. With the best of intentions of course.

Rebecca, Jac, CA, and the rest of you, you have to research and decide for yourself. I'm going to simply start and continue to eat the seeds of the fruits that I consume instead of throwing them away because I have gone in and thought about it now. The animals do it. We know that vital life force energy is in the seeds. If a get quiet and ask my own body wisdom, I get eat the seeds. I don't plan to order truckloads of apricot pits and grind them up and add them to everything I eat.

I am going to eat the seeds of all the fruits that I eat during the course of my raw food diet days. If you want to know how the single molecule of cyanide actually activates and kills cancer cells ONLY, and activates ONLY when there are cancer cells present, check out this article and there are more articles out there. Then make a decision for yourself. And thank you for making me think more about this and go back in for more information. It's a GOOD THING to ask questions! We need them. We like them! And post what YOU find here too!

Monday, December 25, 2006


Ok girls, this is why I wanted to start a bit earlier, so I can give you a preview and be of assistance as things come up for you.

I'm in day 7 now of mostly raw. I woke up feeling a bit rough today, and not sure why. My muscles were achy, and my head hurt. I figured I'm detoxing so I took more Ala and a footbath and lemon water, and it cleared. I had a really-dry-skin day yesterday, not enough lipids and omegas, added more UDOS and today my skin feels much better. And! The last few days I have been feeling more "bliss". The looking out at the trees moving with the breeze and feeling that movement in my body sort of stuff. You know? Connected to everything. Very cool feelings. Very shamanic, and a place I love.

My emotions are much more present today. When did we (meaning my family) become so afraid of our emotions, or more to the point, MY emotions? I know that I never try and cry in front of my family, but today I get why! I didn't realize how much it upsets them all! Or maybe I did?

I kept saying "it's not a bad thing I'm crying, I'm fine." When I started to cry all three of my "boys" were in this panic. I kept saying "it's not a bad thing to feel our emotions" but they ALL were so upset! Do men think they have to fix it or something? I just wanted to finish sayiing my piece and he wanted me to stop and I couldn't. Don't they understand that if I had just been allowed to FINISH what I was saying I would have been fine but that having to shut it down was whatw as upsetting? It seemed so obvious to me.

I found myself saying "give me ten minutes" as I walked in the other room to really TRY and put it away, and then realized that I have always put my feelings away to make them feel better and not stir things up. Keep the topics banal and light, and today I felt passionately engaged in a topic and when suddenly I was supposed to stop, I was furious! How many times have you been told to shut up in the middle of something?

What were we talking about? Global Warming for Christ's Sake! It wasn't anything personal! But I was taking a position, stating a strong opinion, and suddenly when we had been all engaged, and into exciting conversation, I was told to stop!

It was fascinating in retrospect because it showed the family pattern of "nice nice" banter being more acceptable. When the boys and I started to get into a great debate about global responsibility and alternative fuels and then into health, I got excited! And that triggered the "STOP IT" energy from T. And you know, he was telling us ALL to stop, but looking at ME, as the adult to lead the way.

And I couldn't! It bottled up in my throat and then I started to cry~and I thought "oh wow, I'm so much more clear! I used to be able to smile and say 'sure' and I can't anymore!" I tried to leave and go to the bedroom to "put it away" and I couldn't do that either because they all followed me to find out what was wrong! Like a bunch of little waddling ducklings following the mama duck. Go away and I will be "fine." Remember what FINE is an acronym for? "F-ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional!" "I'm FINE"

"Why do you have to get so upset?"
"Why can't you just stop this?"
"What happened, why are you so sensitive?" and
"You always do this. See! You get yourself all upset over nothing".

I'm laughing too then, because I GET IT! I can see the grand scheme of communication in our little family! Make nice nice. I was trying to put my hurt feelings away so that I could pretend and have a nice day! The laughing made me realize that I had to SAY IT!

So! Instead of putting it away, I went out, said what I had to say, felt better, and told them all that I just needed to SAY it! That we feel better getting it out, and they should all learn that NOW. As soon as I said what I wanted to, which was DON'T TRY AND SHUT ME UP in the middle of a conversation, and expect me to just stuff it down and why was it wrong to discuss something with passion, and debate it, and that I LOVED hearing both my sons TALKING about a subject for a change instead of the nonsense conversations we tended to have on neutral subjects...I DID feel better!

And wow, no one died, no one was hurt, I didn't retreat to food as a balm, and I wasn't hurt either! Very cool!

ENJOY! YouR turns are coming! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006


B17 is suggested to prevent cancer if we start ingesting it. Guess what! It won't be hard at all to get more B17 in us with a RAW diet!

Laetrile is a natural ingredient available in 80% orf our grown foods. The highest concentration of laetrile, or B17 is in apricot pits, which is what that little movie I posted earlier is all about. Sidebar: A world without cancer.

We are talking about increasing our cancer immunities, which means prevention. So why is preventative measures considered so controversial anyway? Why is so much advertising money going into "early detection" rather than into "cancer prevention"?

As far as natural foods and going raw is concerned, the idea is to eat the seeds as well as the fruit. SIMPLE. I did that this morning with my apple and to my great surprise it was yummy!

Why have I been cutting the core out and throwing it away all these years? I did it because my mother did it, and she did it because her mother did it. No one ever questioned, so think of all that nutritional value gone. And we pay extra money to have the seeds and pits EXTRACTED for us! The price of convenience could be our health. Oh wait. We already know that one!

Foods that contain B17: Apple seeds, alfalfa sprouts, apricot kernels, bamboo shoots, barley, beet tops, bitter almond, blackberries, boysenberries, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries, currants, fava beans, flax seeds, garbanzo beans, gooseberries, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels, pecans, plum kernels, quince, raspberries, sorghum cane syrup, spinach, sprouts (alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, buckwheat, garbanzo), strawberries, walnuts, watercress, yams. Look at all that will you???

Going RAW fills the B17 quota for sure! How much? Well, Dr. Krebs said about the equivalent of 7 apricot kernals a day. I'm still not sure how much that is, but when I find out I will let you know, but if we were to eat 7 apricots a day-wa hoo! That's a lot of fruit.

Yesterday I was chuckling as it occurred to me I felt like a Bedouin. I was packing a container with dried fruit, fresh fruit, and nuts for the day of Christmas shopping downtown. But you know what? There has never been a single reported case of cancer in the Hunza and Abkhasian tribes until they came into our diet.

And guess what causes a deficiency in B17? Refined white sugars! Did you know that commercial white bread was lethal to rats in an experiment I found sited? Wow. That made me think.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Here is an hour long video that was filmed of a lecture given at the Southern California Living Foods Mother's Market.
The presenter used to weigh 150 pounds more than she does in the video! You each may want to listen to this as you go through your computer time, as she has a lot of interesting information in it.


Merry Merry Ho ho ho!


Way cute! Take a look at this take off of Star Wars! Obe Juan Canoli, Princess Lettuce, Cuke Skywalker and
Chew Broccoli. Tai fighters and Darth Tater. Oh very well done!


"Cuke, Stretch out with your peelings" LOL



Here's another resource for recipes that is great! Take a look and be inspired. I am loving the opportunity to learn something new, I want to really listen and feel what MY body is saying. No one else's rules for me anymore. Done with that. I want to finally learn to tune in to what I want to eat, and when and how much. Now, for alot of people, that may sound simple, but it has been an issue my whole life! I've never had my own rules. It's always been my trying to fit into someone else's rules for what I should and shouldn't eat. Why do we do that?


I am finding myself enjoying the kitchen again! And guess what! My son has decided he may just join in on the 1st. He's finding foods heavy, and he's noticing he isn't feeling good after he eats. He asked for a footbath tonight too. He's already asking how he will get through lunch at school, and getting himself set for it. isn't that cool! And my husband stole my leftovers from the raw food bar the other night. Hmmmm. We may have a family affair soon!



My goal in proposing this to our group is to see if we can wake ourselves up from the habitual trance we have fallen into concerning our diet, food, bodies and health. Just how strong is the marketing hold on our conscousness?
We are proposing a lifestyle change that seems like a radical, crazy thing!

By the way, vegetarians used to occupy the "fringe radical" identity, and now they are mainstreamed, and healthy. They haven't keeled over from lack of protein. Wow. Beliefs are crashing! Remember it's only true until it's not true. So, as Shamans and Thetahealers, we have the opportunity to use all of our skills to identify and change our beliefs, and to really get to the bottom of what we have accepted as lies.

As Catherine Ann asked in class, "Why does BELIEVE have LIE right in the middle?" Why indeed? Because we have to identify the lie we have accepted. And there is a plethora of lies around food! People are so confused now about what to eat and what not to eat! And that seems insane! What do you MEAN that as a nation we don't know what to EAT!??? It's mass hypnosis, and I for one want to wake up out of it, because I know I have been caught. I have been hype-notized into a food cocoon of untruths to the point of confusion myself.

What I did notice is that alot of raw foodists began because of a critical health issue that forced them to make a change.
In my profession I see that alot. I see people that are faced with having to make a major lifestyle change-and some can and some can't.

I don't want to be brought down to my knees before I choose to wake up. I want to walk into this with my health, and come out healthier! I hate that as a nation we are so tranced out that we believe we are powerless in the face of a donut! Or a hamburger and fries! It is marketing people! It is a media trance, and the media feeds the economic vehicle called the "weight gain industry" which tells us we are getting fatter. Fatter is good for the economy, and bad for our health, and bad for our health is good for the economy too. Tricky tricky!

Getting sick, being sick, especially on meds "for the rest of your life" like with Diabetes, is good for the economy!
A little sick is even good for business, because if you get a cold these days the plethora of over the counter meds can rack up can a pretty penny. You know what a cold is? It's your body's natural way of trying to get healthy again. Leave it alone. Pay attention and slow down, go to bed, drink fluids. You are overloaded.

But! the myth is that it is so expensive to eat right, and to stay healthy. Organic food is expensive. And difficult to find.
Um no. Costco and Sams are bringing in Organics. Interesting to watch marketing trends because they follow buying trends.

Myth-vitamins are expensive. Ah! But! DO we need to take vitamins? Really? Aren't many overdoing it?
Another myth to look at during this-our food doesn't have any nutritional value. Hmmmm. Let's check THAT out as we go.

So what else is natural and healthy and cheap for us to do that is good for us, but that is being marketed to us with a twist so that we don't do it? Check out the following: sunlight, normal everyday movement, and eating the seeds with our fruits. They have told us sunlight is dangerous for our health, they have genetically altered our foods so they have no seeds, and we are being bombarded with statistics that say that we have to move vigorously, we have to move and move and move or it doesn't count. Not so!
and normal daily movement

So back to us:
We aren't committing to a permanent raw diet, but rather to 30 days of a change in our habitual way of eating. Long enough to notice what the food trance is we have fallen into.
We are testing these tricky waters together as we jump into a radical way of embracing and discovering what really feeds us.

What truly will happen to us when we go a level of raw for 30 days?
And can we?
Are we too addicted to eating sugars, caffeine, carbs that we can't break out of it? That's what we have been told, and what we have believed. The world tells us over and over how highly addictive sugars and caffeines, and carbs are. And we have believed it. Is it true?
Or more importantly, do we choose to continue to believe that it is true?
Do we need to go completely raw? Will we be able to even do it?
What are our beliefs and emotions as we make this journey.
Is it too expensive? Is it too complicated? Is it too difficult? Can we maintain our ordinary lives, AND change our eating habits drastically? And successfully? Or will we fail miserably, crawling back into our potato chip and soda worlds...hah!
The media and medical world says it's too hard, too radical, too dangerous, and too difficult to do.

Bottom line is it's up to US to decide what we want to believe.
Ya hoo! Let's do our own experiment!