Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clearing the Large Intestine

Many people are encouraging the world to cleanse and detox, and if you decide to do it, be aware that we hold many emotions in our intestinal tract. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, or anxious while detoxing, it can be old emotions that are being revealed as you cleanse.

We used to call detoxing 'anger week' and realize that our feelings were not necessarily about anything in current time.

If you decide to cleanse and detox, allow yourself some grace and space. Don't do it on a busy stressful week. Do understand that as you cleanse inside your body, you are also stirring up emotions and feelings that have been buried. Tears and fears may come up. Let them roll through, and don't worry about what they are. Keep going.

You may also want to pay attention to your prescription meds. If you are on high blood pressure meds while juicing or cleansing your blood pressure may drop to normal so if you are taking meds you may then drop to LOW. Check with your doctor, and pay attention to how you feel.

Raw-ish Quinoa salad

Red Quinoa - prepare whole box as on box 
1 orange pepper, chopped 
1 yellow pepper chopped 
apricots chopped-fresh or dried. Dried will last longer if you want to keep this to use several nights.
currants, raisins or fresh dark grapes, chopped in 4ths-my favorite both for color and freshness 
1 bunch cilantro, chopped fine
lime juice-about 5 limes - fresh squeezed or juiced is best!
roasted pine nuts (lightly roasted in olive oil)
roasted sesame seeds (lightly roasted with pine nuts in olive oil)
chopped pecans (best if soaked and dried before chopping)

This is a great salad to make in volume and then put in smaller containers for lunch
Good consistency to use in lettuce rollups. It has a nice nutty flavor and texture.

I also like to use it with a dash of hot chili peppers for zip to the tongue

Friday, April 23, 2010

Juice for Health

3 carrots
1/2 a lemon
1 apple
(what's so green about this...? just wait)

3 stalks of celery
1/2 a head of lettuce
1/2 cucumber
2 leaves of cabbage
2 leaves of kale
1 cluster of spinach
a handful of cilantro
a twig of rosemary
an inch of ginger

I know this has alot of ingredients-I like variety. You definitely do NOT need all of it. The staples are the first 6 ingredients, and then wing it. It's all about experimenting.

People worry about combining fruit with vegetables: the rule doesn't count when juicing. You are juicing folks-juice all digests at the same rate. I have a friend that made wonderful juice with adding pear to her greens, and another made awesome green juice with mango.

I pour mine into two cups with lids and drink one on the way to work and keep the other on my desk for snacks. At lunch I am still full and have a power bar to snack on when I need a bite. I'm feeling high energy and satisfied and am almost ready to give up my coffee after being back on this for 2 weeks. I do also have two soft boiled eggs for breakfast, so it's not all raw for me. But this is a great way to transition into it. The more you have the more you want. I take a few lettuce leaves and some hummus with me for lunch too if I want more to eat. And I always keep an apple in my desk and some raw almonds. Sometimes they are soaked, sometimes not, but I have them there. Those are the staples.

Tips to starting raw:
keep the food handy
Do not let yourself get hungry
Be prepared
Eat any time you feel the urge. without guilt and without a schedule so you can begin to listen to your own body again

I think I'll go make some carrot juice for bedtime.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stevia for panic attacks

This is from a woman who used Stevia to cure panic attacks.

She stumbled upon this as a cure--she had a friend who had no clue that his symptoms were "panic attacks" (he wasn't raw) and he ended up in the hospital several times with no help from the doctors--many times he was told "we can find nothing wrong with you" and yet he thought he was literally about to die. When my friend (who has been raw for over 8 years) heard my story she thought it sounded so similar. I literally thought I was clinging to my life for hours. I could tell that some weird hormone or chemical was "dumping" itself at an uncontrollable speed and just would not stop. It feels like the same kind of feeling you might have when you experience an allergic reaction--that kind of sick rushing feeling, only it was a hundred times worse and would not stop until I had been lying in the hospital for a couple of hours. Yet the doctors came in and said, "your blood is the most beautiful blood we have seen--it is pristine and we can find nothing wrong with you"...oh yeah? Then why do I feel like I am dying? So my friend said that she thinks there is a physiological sort of panic attack, where your mind seems to not be in any state of panic whatsoever, yet the body goes into a panic. (I had been asleep for an hour when this thing happened to me, not thinking panicky thoughts at all.) She told me to try the stevia and it worked like an absolute miracle! The results were immediate! She also said that when her daughter gets severe PMS symptoms, she gives her 1/2 tsp of stevia with about that much powdered dong quai and it takes the symptoms away quick.


This was posted on the rawmeetup site.

Coconut Palm Sugar: This is now available as a sweetener. It is usually heat processed, yet unconfirmed reports indicate RAW coconut palm sugar is now available from Balinese sources. (Big Tree Organics and Essential Living Foods sell this) It is processed using lime (chalk) or mangosteen sap to neutralize acidity. Because of the calcification problems associated with eating chalk and the magic associated with the mangosteen tree, mangosteen sap processed coconut palm sugar is preferred.

Erythritol: Erythritol is made by breaking down plant starch into glucose. Then the yeast Moniliella pollinis is added to the glucose. Through fermentation, the glucose breaks down into erythritol. Metabolic, toxicological, and clinical studies covering areas as diverse as cancer, nervous system health, and allergic reactions have found erythritol to be safe. Erythritol has GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status in the United States. Seek out organic erythritol or products containing it.

Honey (raw, organic) is always the natural sweetener of choice. Look for wild honey because it is lower in fructose and higher in trace mineral content. Also, look for richer dark honeys (e.g. NoniLand honey, etc.)

Inulin: A long-chain polysaccharide that is mostly too long a sugar to absorb into the blood stream. Inulin may be isolated from Jerusalem artichoke or properly processed agave. Look for inulin powder or Jerusalem artichoke syrup. Too much inulin intake can cause digestive distress in certain people.

Lo Han Guo: A non-glycemic sweetener from Chinese medicinal tradition made from a type of wild cucumber.

Lucuma: Lucuma’s sugar content is low. The percentage amount present in the dried pulp from mature lucuma fruit is: 8.4% glucose, 4.7% fructose, 1.7% sucrose, and 0.06% inositol (http://www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk/lucuma-powder).
Maple syrup: this is the only sustainably-harvested, large-scale, forest sweetener in the world. Maple is likely the richest source of minerals found in any sweetener other than dark honeys and molasses. Look for organic maple syrup and maple crystals as an ingredient.
Molasses: Select unsulfured, organic sugarcane molasses because it is fairly rich in vitamins and minerals and has been purported (like fresh sugar cane) to have “anti-stiffness factors” that break down detrimental calcification (see my book The LongevityNOW Program).
Soak water: This is a natural sweetener from dried fruits such as date water, goji water, or dried fig water. Shop for organic dried fruit products and soak them in spring water for several hours to make your own fresh soak water.

Stevia: I recommend dried powdered leaves over extracts. This is a wonderful and easy plant to grow. It contains no real sugar, so therefore it does not feed candida or cancer. Look for organic stevia products.

Xylitol: This could be the sweetener of the future if it could be obtained with certified organic quality. Xylitol does not feed candida or cancer, but tastes normally sweet. Originally isolated from birch syrup; it is now available as a white powder.

Yacon: An extraordinarily easy to obtain and abundant subtropical to tropical tuber, relative to the Jerusalem artichoke. Yacon is commonly available as dehydrated chips and as a syrup. Look for organic products. Yacon syrup is rich in iron and only mildly glycemic. It is not raw.

Other sweeteners to avoid, besides common agave:

Refined white and brown sugars made from beet, sorghum, or sugarcane of all sorts, primarily due to genetically modified crop contamination, including:

Evaporated Cane Juice: Rapadura is one of the many names of this highly processed and highly heated product. This is almost pure sucrose, like maple, but lacks in minerals. Evaporated cane juice is known to aggravate all sugar-sensitive conditions from diabetes to candida to cancer. Evaporated cane juice can be certified organic. This product often sneaks into chocolate products, pre-made smoothies, and lots of vegan treats (because it is not processed with bone char).

Sorbitol: This sweetener is typically made from genetically modified corn starch. It was originally isolated from stone fruits of the genus Sorbus.

Other Considerations

The market is flooded with companies and products using all different kinds of sweeteners. Always select products containing certified organic sweeteners due to potential contamination from genetically modified corn and other crops that may contain glufosinate herbicides that damage your friendly healthy bacteria. Remember that certified organic sweeteners cannot be genetically modified (GMO).

This post was cut from an article recently shared by David Wolfe. Its entire content can be found at Sacred Chocolates website.

To Your health.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's not about Perfection

I hear so many people saying "I don't know what to eat!" "I'm so confused!"

Isn't it funny that we don't know what to eat? Imagine that! We have so many choices, such a constant banquet of choices, that we don't know what to eat! It's no longer about 'if' we will eat or where our next meal is going to come from-we have a new problem. Tooooo many choices.

We are bombarded constantly with commercials in print and on the tube, over the waves and in the air-eat eat eat. Diet diet diet. But which one?

When we originally started this blog, way back 3 years ago, we were all feeling that same way. Six of us. We were dietarily confused. Eat six meals a day. Graze. Eat 3 meals a day. Eat breakfast. Fast one day a week. Eat only fruit until noon. Don't eat fruit with anything. Eat meat. Eat chicken. Don't eat fish because of the poisoned oceans. Eat fish for the necessary omegas. Eat organic. Eat eggs. Don't eat yolks. Eat protein. Don't eat protein. Eat vegetarian. Eat vegan. Eat dairy. Don't eat dairy. Eat for health. Don't eat for more health. Eat for your blood type. Eat for your ethnic base. Eat Mediterranean, eat Chinese, eat Ayurvedic. Don't eat pork. Don't drink. Drink red wine. SHEESH.

We sat down and listed all the conflicting messages. We piled the books on the table of all the experts programs.

And then we decided to try raw for thirty days. Just a month, together, with a few rules for our group.

Rule #1. No perfectionism necessary. We figured 50% raw a day was better than what we were doing, 70% raw was amazing, and if we did 100% we were champs.

Rule #2. With lots of room in rule #1 our second rule was still, "no beating ourselves up" No failure, only feedback, write it down, and let everyone learn from it.

Rule #3. Notice. Notice how you feel before you eat. Notice what you really want. Notice how you feel after you eat. Notice what you notice.

Rule #4. Write on the blog so we can do it together and get in touch with our insides. Bloating and belching included.

Rule #5. Eat as much raw as you can, and if you have to eat cooked, don't eat processed if you can help it. We figured it was the chemicals and additives that were  the real culprits, and if nothing else we would read labels and learn.

Pretty simple. What happened was pretty cool-by the end of 30 days, we decided to keep going. It was easy. It was remarkably easy. We found that we liked it more than cooking. There was less clean up.
We learned to marinate, soak, dehydrate. We learned to sprout. We played. We began to come back to loving food again.

I fell in love with food again. I delighted in the colors and the smells, the textures. Why had I lost the art of food? And when? Food had become a drudgery. I think there were too many new rules. I got lost

30 days of raw, on a gradually increasing plan taught me to listen to myself again. I cleared the decks. I found that i preferred soaked raw oatmeal with fresh juice on it and a dash of organic honey MORE than cooked oatmeal. I loved sprouts and I would moan over chopped fresh basil.

But we all loved juicing. Raw fresh homemade juice. If you do nothing else raw, buy a good juicer, and start adding a good big glass of raw juice every day.

This morning I made a juice from:
5 stalks of celery
5 carrots
half a head of romaine
a chunk of fresh ginger
half a lemon with the rind
an apple
half a bunch of spinach

I drank half, and took half to work with me for later. I also had 2 soft boiled eggs. I'm a type 0 and I know the controversy out there, but FOR ME I do better with more protein. So, purists out there, this works for me.

Now over the course of 3 years, we fell away, and came back. We would eat cooked and go yuk and when we fell off we would wonder why when we felt so good on the raw?  On and off. On and off.
We are coming back to an on cycle and loving it once again and once again marveling that we fell off.

Bottom line-find out what works for YOU!
Find your rules for you. Fall in love with what you eat, bless it and it will bless you.
Whatever you eat, love it. Enjoy it. Relish in it. And if you don't, no matter who has told you it is good for you-it won't serve you until you love it for yourself and make it your choice.

To your health!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Boost Testosterone Naturally

This is information that I thought some might be interested in. It was posted on the rawfood meetup group by Vanessa Johansson.

[rawfood-387] Boost Natural Testosterone ProductionMonday, April 19, 2010 4:12 PM
From: "Vanessa Johansson" Add sender to Contacts
To: rawfood-387-announce@meetup.com

. What are some plant foods that will support and increase my natural testosterone levels? Peace Love Joy~ Sandy

Protocol ...

1. Playing competitive sports has been shown to trigger testosterone production. In fact, women get a bigger boost than men prior to competition.

2. Making love boosts testosterone production in women.

3. Avoid Hops, Licorice, grapefruit, and flax as these are the highest estrogenic foods.

4. All pesticides herbicides, and plastics are estrogenic so throw out your plastic and stick to glass and organic.

5.Drink nettle root tea every day. You can buy it at Mountain Rose Herbs online and make your own brew wiht it. Nettle root inhibits the transformation of excess testosterone into estrogen.

6. Eat Pine Pollen extract twice a day. It is the highest natural testosterone containing food on the planet. I like Woodland Essence brand.

7. Add passionflower to your nettle root tea or take it as an extract. herb Pharm has a high quality one. Passionflower displaces estrogen out of receptor sites and makes room for testosterone.

8. Add ginseng root to your tea. Boil for at least one hour. very testosterone producing.

9. Eat Lions Mane mushroom extracts from Mushroom Sciences or from Host Defense.

10. Read my all time favorite Author.... Stephen Harrod Buhner. His book " The Natural Testosterone Plan: For Sexual Health and Energy" is a must read for anyone interested in longevity and health. testosterone is a longevity hormone and our society is massively estrogen dominant which leads to passivity, shorter life span, docility, and tons of female cancers, male pattern baldness, fat on the thighs and hips, and much more.

11. Anyone not married to a plant only diet would want to get onto Deer Antler. The best brand out there is Dragon Herbs. Colostrum from Surthrival would also be in order. Rememnber that plant foods are all estrogonic and loaded with phytoestrogens.

Anyone suffering from low libido will benefit greatly from all of these practices as well.

Best of luck to you as you follow the thread of your own Sovereign Authenticity.

To your health.


Friday, April 9, 2010


I made some crackers that I thought were my first successful crackers in several attempts.

Two ears of corn off the cob, small red pepper, wedge of purple onion, clove of garlic, salt, pepper all blended well in the food processor.

Add a cup of flax seeds that have been soaked for about twenty minutes or until they are slimy. Drain the flax seeds and add to processor and mix again.

Place on dehydrator sheets about 1/4" thick and dry on 105 for about 12 hours, turn over and 12 hours more until dry.

Great with raw cheddar cheese and avocado bits.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Foreign fish not safe for consumption

For those of us that eat fish-take a look at this and be informed.