Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cabbage Juice and Cancer

Cabbage has sinigrin-which is a glucosinolate that has received a lot of attention in cancer prevention research, especially colon, bladder and prostate cancers.

The best way are raw-cooked cabbage failed to really show measurable results. If you must cook, steam it and don't microwave it. Food Chart

British Scientists at the University of Leicestealso say that eating brussel sprouts and cabbage can kill cancer cells when combined with chemotherapy.

Indole-3-carbinol (13C) could be a powerful cancer fighter and were found to make breast cancer tumors more vulnerable to chemotherapy drugs. They fed cancer cells shopping carts worth of cabbage to get that result-but! JUICING will get more into you than eating.

Remember-cabbage juice will be very strong!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eating raw vs. Being a raw foodist

I thought this was interesting and really, who wants labels?

I’ve eaten a mostly live-food/raw food diet for almost 9 years now. I must be honest with you, it has been wonderful and at the same time a
great challenge.

The challenge came from HOW to make it actually work for me and my body.
It turns out that the raw food diet is really NOT for everyone. It took
me a while to really learn this. Like many others, I identified with
BEING a “raw-foodist”.

And that’s where I would like to expose one of the biggest mistakes people make when getting on a raw food diet.

Here it is: You become a ‘Raw Foodist” as opposed to just eating raw foods.

Let me explain. The biggest crutch I see in the raw food community has
nothing to do with food, and everything to do with identity. This
happens in a lot of dietary communities. People identify with their
diets, and what happens is that their diets become a form of religion.

And or course, like any religion, if you question it, if you decide to
try something different, you are seen as if you’re sinning, as if what
you’re doing is just plain wrong.

I know this from experience. If you’re reading this article, I just want
to point this out so you don’t fall into this trap. Yes, this is a
trap. It’s a trap your Ego sets up for you. The Ego thrives on judgment.
If you can eat what is best for you at any given moment, drop the label
and identity that goes with a diet, you will experience more freedom
and inner peace.

Again, the biggest mistake I see people making when eating a raw food
diet is getting identified with BEING a “raw foodist”. I don’t want to
burst your bubble here, but I can assure you…this is NOT who you really
are. You are far beyond and prior to a label.

This is my calling to you, to be free to be WHO you really are.
Eat what is best for you in the moment. Step back from judging so much,
and simply allow. And if you’re criticized for this…it means you’re on
the right track. :)

Create a beautiful day!
Joshua BenAvides
"The High Vibe Coach"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Raw nut butters

Make your own raw nut butters in a blender or food processor. Buy the raw nuts in the bulk section of your grocery store; make sure the label on the bin states raw. Soak 1 cup of nuts in purified water overnight, drain, and dehydrate until dry (this is easiest to do in a dehydrator set at 105 degrees F, but you can also use your oven on the lowest setting with the door slightly open). Toss into the food processor with 1 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt and 1 tablespoon of raw agave nectar or - if you're not vegan - raw honey. Add as much water as necessary and blend until smooth. A little raw virgin coconut oil will also make it smoother and more spreadable.

from a posting I found:  http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/379526/raw_foods_for_the_crayon_crowd.html?cat=25

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living in A Dehydrator

As I'm getting ready to leave for Las Vegas for a few days I realize that the way the weather is there, and here too-it's like living IN a dehydrator! With raw food, you shouldn't heat the food above 105 degrees. That is the temperature there, even at night! So, leaving the food out overnight would do it really. I remember last year when I went in Oct, it was still 115 degrees at 10pm. I felt like I was inside an oven.

And you know, I was! If that heat is too high to cook in-because it kills the live enzymes-wondering what it does to the human body? To our skin, to our hair, to the outside of us, and what about to the inside of us? Our body has to work harder to maintain a core homeostasis. Fevers KILL viruses and bacteria, and cooking food does the same thing.

I made the raw cranberry cookies last night to take with us on the drive and I left them on the counter with a towel over them simply because I crashed and had to go to bed-and this morning they are absolutely perfect. That tells me if we live in a low humidity climate, dehydrator times may really vary. If the recipe calls for 12 hours perhaps we need to experiment? EVEN with simply covering and leaving out overnight.

Come to think of it, I've always dried my herbs by harvesting, washing and hanging them in bundles upside in my laundry room or laying them on clean window screens in the sunshine.

AND I recently cut the rind off of several lemons before juicing and I just put the peel on a tray in the sunshine and in 2 days it was absolutely dry. Who needs a dehydrator when you live in one!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cranberry Pecan Raw Cookies

The dry base:

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup pecans
I/2 cup coconut flakes
2 tbs maca
1/4 cup flax meal
1 tbs cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

To this add:
20 dried dates - pitted
1 cup fresh cranberries
(if you like it tart, add more)
honey to taste

remember cranberries are tart-so you might want to offset this with agave as well, to taste. Personally, I like the tart taste.

Using the fresh berries, these are wetter than if you would be if using dried.

1 cup pecans
1/2 c coconut
grind coarse

Make the dough into balls and then roll them in the coating and flatten. This will help with some of the added moisture if you used fresh cranberries.

You can put these in the dehydrator for 5 hours, or you can use dried cranberries and no dehydrator. AND if you live in Utah or Arizona-who needs a dehydrator! Leave them out overnight...

Buckwheat Crispy Treats

this is a recipe from Kyoko from San Francisco. She was the winner of The Raw Food Worlds contest of the month.

My essential raw food recipe is the 'Buckwheat Crispy' treats I eat as snacks and on my travels. I'm sure a lot of raw food eaters are familiar with this type of simple recipe.
All the ingredients are organic.

2 cups Hulled Buckwheat
1/2 C. pumpkin seeds
1/2 C. sunflower seeds
1/2 C. each of Golden raisins, Goji berries, and Inca berries
optional: seasonal fruits of your choice

Soak buckwheat and seeds in a bowl over night. Rinse it and drain the water. Let them sprout for a day or two as you rinse a few more times in between.

Soak the raisins and berries in a glass jar.

Put the sprouted mixture in the dehydrator for 5 - 8 hours depending on how dry you'd like. They will come out very crispy and crunchy. Offer a small portion to God (I call him, 'Baba'), and put it back in the big batch. Store the mixture in a glass jar.

For enjoying as a morning cereal or afternoon snack, I add the soaked raisins and berries on top, some protein powder, Chlorella, cinnamon powder (about a teaspoon!), some Himalayan salt, a banana or a ripe avocado (both if I am really in the mood) and some chunks of coconut butter. If I wanted to take more liquid in a day, I put warm water and let everything soak for half an hour or more. I mix everything and it looks like a big green goo which tastes more like an ice cream treat!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ginger Walnut Raw Cookies

Make these simple raw cookies to take to lunch with you or have on hand with that afternoon cup of tea. One of the best things about raw food is it is guiltless. You can have that sweet treat because there is no processed sugar and no dairy or wheat.

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup walnuts (if you use almonds, soak them. I don't like to soak walnuts, but that's up to you)
15-20 soaked dates, (drain and reserve the water)
1/2 cup candied ginger slices (I like to use the candied ginger, but you can certainly use fresh ginger)
1/2 cup shredded coconut
2 Tbs maca
2 Tbs ground flax meal
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla

Into the food processor put all the ingredients, except the date water. Grind until it forms a nice dough, coarse, but sticks together. IF it doesn't, add a tsp of the date water at a time unitl the mixture will hold it's shape. Remove and form into cookies. You can roll into balls, or I use my 1 TBS measuring spoon to form the cookies.

I just bought a rubber candy mold from Michael' s that makes square shapes. You can fill the mold and then put in the fridge for awhile so the are firm.

Decorate the top with a sliver of ginger and a sprinkle of cinnamon! You do not need to use the dehydrator for these.

Essential oils

Okay as many of you know I have been using doTerra Essential Oils since Janurary and I have just been to convention, so naturally you get more motivated. Essential oils are just like the herbs Joy has been talking about. You can use the oils in your cooking you can use the topically, internally and you can defuse them. I will be outing some information together about the oils and posting it, but right now I want to tell you doTerra has now produced a non-chemical shampoo and creme rinse. The concerns we all have for the toxins we put in and on your body, so here is an option I have already tried it and I have to say I loved it. I remember when I eas a kid that my mom said that you know your hair is clean it will squeak, yes, I started to laugh in the shower my hair was squeaking. Oh, my gosh and the smells of the essential oils used..shampoo is citrus blends, creme rinse is peppermint and other oils. It is a aromatherapy treatment just by washing your hair. The bonus is non harmful ingredients.
I tried a wonderful stomach wake up this morning. I have read in aryvedic literature to drink warm water with raw honey first thing in the morning so I tried it today along with a few drops of lemon oil and a new oil lime, wow I think I could drink this all day long.
Lemon is a good internal cleanser as well as lime which also is good for the joints and for seasonal flu's.
I don't want to sound like a commercial but the new oils that doTerra has developed are huge for fighting virus's and it getting to be that time of year her is an alternative to staying healthy. Also skin issues, cuts, burns wounds.
The bug arsenal:
Melissa - kills virus's, elevates moods, and helps with stomach discomforts.
Lime - seasonal bugs

Skin issues:
Patchouli - wounds, tissue repair inside and out.
Clear Skin - facial blemishes, itchy scalp, unsightly nail beds

I have to say that a lady had two cuts on her finger at conference and they put the Clear Skin on and before then end of the day the cut they used the Clear Skin on was almost healed.

Just one short story - two year old child having seizures, the doctors loaded her up with meds. Child then couldn't hardly walk or talk. The family was introduced to Frankincense, they began liberally applying it to her feet, within a short amount of time the child could once again walk and talk and no longer has seizures.
There is now tons of research on what Frankincense can do for Cancer, now we see that it can renew cells and change peoples lives. This is an oil that has been with us since ancient times and now science is proving the ancients knew what they were doing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was  curious about cumin since it isn't a spice I'm used to using. I DID have it in my cupboard though, in two forms; ground and whole seeds. I also have 3 different curry powders.

 The ancient Egyptians used cumin as did the Greeks, Lebanese and Romans. It's mentioned in the Bible, both old and new testaments and you could use it to pay your taxes!

*Cumin contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, sodium, riboflavin, niacin, C and A.
*Cumin is good for: digestive issues.
*Here's a recipe for insomnia: mix a tsp of cumin powder with mashed banana and take at bedtime.
*Take cumin and ginger for sore throats.
*Cumin improves the memory so it must be good for the brain.

Tabouleh Salad Recipe

I like these videos by Rita Heikenfeld. She has 77 of them on line and they are well made.
The quality is good, and although she isn't all raw, she has some great tips and information and recipes.
Here is one that is raw though:

Rinse your bulgar wheat three times, then let it sit until all the water is absorbed.
1 bunch Parsley
1 bunch green onions
fresh chopped tomatoes
bell pepper
english cucumber
chop them all fine, add wheat
add 2-3 tsp cumin,
fresh basil, fresh spearmint

Go on and watch some of her other videos-she has 77!

I added chopped garlic, sesame seeds and some chopped pine nuts to mine, and some cumin seeds. This is extremely good-and smells wonderful! Serve with crackers, melba toast rounds, or if you are raw, fill lettuce leaves with it, or sliced cucumbers instead of crackers.

Golden Green Juice

1 apple
3 carrots
1/2 yellow beetroot (without skin) optional-add greentops
1/2 bunch parsley
1/2 bunch of cilantro
chunk of ginger

This is a great detox juice and pick me up when you are feeling a bit punk. I love beets, and the yellow beetroot is yummy!  You can add 1/2  of wheatgrass too if you like.