Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eat Beans-Red Beans

Dried beans are better than canned
if you have canned beans, rinse them well
Avoid refried beans

Why beans? They take a long time to digest which means they slow down the release of blood sugar and lower insulin levels.

Master Your Metabolism the no list

Jillian Michaels is a strength coach from 'the biggest loser' on tv. Anyone watch it? I never really watched it until my son's friend became one of the coaches. Speedy Peterson won an Olympic silver this year at the winter Olympics. I must say that now I am a bit hooked on the show. As a former fatty, I was offended by the title-silly me-because I did an inadvertant diservice to those people that are giving it their all.

Here's Jillian Michael's list:

1. hydrogenated fats
2. unrefined grains - avoid corn and wheat
3. corn syrup
4. artificial sweeteners
5. artificial colorings and preservatives
6. glutamates - flavor enhancers

and then there are the 'less than stellar' foods to avoid
1. starchy root vegetables
2. tropical, dried and canned fruits
3. excess soy
4. excess alcohol (ok I admit to a glass of wine on some nights...ok ... ok...)
5. full fat dairy and fatty meats
6. canned foods
7. caffeine - unless organic coffee

what I noticed is that these were almost all things we eliminated on our 30 day/9 month raw adventure! We did eat Yams, cooked, but not daily, and I did still have my half and half in my one cup of coffee and still do.

Wow~we did it ourselves without an expert. But then-we made ourselves the experts. Girls-give yourselves a hand.