Sunday, August 17, 2008


So I thought I took this picture for Joy, but maybe its for you Lauren. Wasps to me are alot like flies in that they are persistant, a little more dangerous than a fly, but persistant. So what needs your attention? Do the colors bring up anything. They seem to be able to build there nests anywhere. What about the geometry of there next. They do travel in groups, I rarely see just one. They love fennel. They are all over our fennel plant in the yard, the bees really have nothing to do with the fennel. They really invade your space. I haven't looked, did they show up when it got colder at night, they don't like the cold. They are like bees in that they go dormant when its cold. But, they can be revived with warmth. Good lord I had no idea I had observed so much about the wasps. So there are some of my observations.

Wasp animal totems

So here I sit in salt lake in an apt that once again has a mysterious appearing wasp issue. My apt in NY has the same thing, wasps come in and buzz around driving me insane and dont leave unless I let them out ever so carefully if I can or until they die. They dont come in through the windows it seems like they come in elsewhere or just spontaneously appear.

I am sitting at my computer with 2 wasps buzzing around me and 3 casualties on the floor. I let one out just a few minutes ago. Anyone have any ideas about wasps? Ive checked some totem websites but nothing really felt right.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mesa Energy

I hope I made this photo big enough, its actually two Damselflies, couldn't believe I captured it. Took the photo as we were walking around Silver Lake.
Life is interesting, I have been adjusting to my husband being home everyday and am finding it hard to find time to myself. He had to go run an errand today, so I took advantage and did my Tai Chi and Opened my Mesa and did some meditation. It is always amazing when you do these things that keep being put on the back burner, I think we all talk about how when we finally do meditation or open our Mesas' how much its like coming home. It warms the heart. It also made me realize how much I am missing my quiet time. I did something with my Mesa that I haven't done or if I have I don't recall doing it. The energy seemed to be really intense, so I took my Pedulum and held it over my Mesa, my goodness did it ever get going. I thought man if you ever question how much energy is put into the Mesa let your Pendulum loose. I also felt that the energy has really been kicked up once again. The energy seemed to radiate out in waves very interesting to experience.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

North American Indians

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love this video~and the flute and the dancing-I know you will too.

Andean Flutes to Inspire You!