Wednesday, March 14, 2007


From CatherineAnn - I sometimes soak the almonds for days in the fridge before I need them. Then I rinse, and add boiling water to peel.
From CatherineAnn-add dates to sweeten almond milk
From CatherineAnn-add flaxseed to smoothies-the fruit disguises it
From CatherineAnn-Freeze bananas that are really ripe and then use them frozen in your smoothie to make it a frosty
From CatherineAnn-Try using dates in smoothies to sweeten them
From CatherineAnn-use grapefruit juice instead of lime juice on avocados
From Joy-Store raw organic nut butters upside down in the cupboard so they don't need to be stirred
From Joy-I fill a dishtub with really hot clean water and soak the dinner plates or bowls in it before serving. When it's time, I dry them and put the food on. The plate feels more inviting.
From Joy-if the avocado isn't ripe, put it in a paper bag on the kitchen counter and it will ripen faster
From Joy-Shred carrots and potatoes in the food processor to make the raw soup as they soften faster
From Joy-Soak nuts the night before and rinse and soak again in the morning. Then they are ready when you get home
From Joy-Throw carrots in the food processor til they are tiny bits and add them to the spaghetti sauce
From Joy-Use a double boiler to warm up food if you don't have a dehydrator yet and you want something warmish
From Joy-Use cauliflower as a substitute for rice in stuffing dishes-coarse cut in the food processor
From Joy-Use dates instead of honey to make raw bars
From Joy-Wash and cut celery and stand it in cold water in the fridge
From Lauren-To carmelize anything use Nama shoyu and agave mix
From Lauren-To get a gelatinous texture add 1 TBS psyillum husks powder
From Lauren-To peel almonds, soak for 5 min in boiling water then plunge into cold.
From Lauren-Use dates to sweeten any dish
From Lauren-Use DULSE seaweed flakes for a fish taste
From Rebecca-If the banana has tiny brown spots-it's alkaline. If it's green-it's acid
From Rebecca-to dry leafy produce, put washed wet leaves in a pillow case and put it in the washer on spin for a few minutes.

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