Saturday, August 18, 2012


Keeping it simple, dairy, cheese, anything fermented which means vinegars, malts, and alcohol as well as soy, are all mucus forming. Wheat, and corn are irritants for many if not most people. Pastas, sugars,flours, meat, also appearing in the foods to not eat list.

If you stick with the rawish, you are definitely going to start moving mucus. That means that you may feel MORE congested for awhile. Why? Because you have to move the mucus out! We're back to where we started. Gotta get it out. So, cleanse, exercise, sweat in the sauna.

Olive oil, quinoa, seaweeds, all your fresh-hey ok bananas are on the acid side, you know what? I figure fresh is best, and I leave it at that as to their acid alkaline lists. Man-we could make ourselves crazy. Oh wait. We DID!

Top of the list are all the things we have been eating- and raving about on our raw-ish quest...

Parsley, kiwi, mango, dates, figs, cantaloupe, cayenne, papaya, asparagus, raisins, pineapple, apples, garlic, avocados, celery, lettuce, raspberries, almonds, jerusalem artichokes, fresh coconut, miso, leafy herbs, leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, sesame seeds, lemons, cabbage, oranges, peas. We've had ALL these in our recipes.

Slightly acid are: blueberries, pistacheos, brazil nuts, kidney beans, pecans, plums and prunes, sunflower seeds, cashews, cranberries. SLIGHTLY acid.

Dr YOUNG ph miracle program if you want a reference.
 FREEDOM YOU Personally, my suggestion is to stick with what your body is telling you because so far...YOU ARE RIGHT ON!


Rebecca said...

I learned something about bananas. They ARE acid when they are green, if any of the banana skin has any green it's unripe.

If the banana is yellow, has tiny brown dots on it, no green, then it's ripe AND alkaline!

So, eat your bananas when they are fully ripe and you're good.

Joy! said...

And you can freeze em and use them in smoothies if they go too ripe for you or you have too many.